Friday, September 27, 2013

60 Years of Photo Journalism a book about Ted Grant -written by Thelma Fayle (one of our ex-pat Montrealers)

A local (Montreal/Verdun) gal Thelma Fayle ,accomplished in many areas,and published in many venues,has her 1st book launching ,she gets to share the many talents of TED GRANT , a great Canadian Photo Journalist & both of them are decent nice human beings ( I'm biased , as I know both of them) but as a Montrealer I thought I would share this new poster: listing the dates at UVIC for the start of the book launch & of course showing one of the many great photos that Ted Grant was able to capture throughout his life so soon as you see it ,you will have that "Ah Ha " moment I Remember that photo...........and you will probably want to see &.no less recognize many of the photos taken by him over the years......(and believe me; there are 100's of thousands of them) If you have a chance get to see them, many of which are in this book.

          "[Thelma Fayle] shows us how a kind, determined, generous, and brilliant man has made one of the greatest contributions to our history through the lens of his camera" 
Joe Clark and Maureen McTeer
Enjoy the book .........& its' many photos.
 Cheers ! HF&RV ~ LesF
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