Thursday, August 15, 2013

Loddy-Dah ! by Dolly Dennis Takes Place in ' MONTREAL' btwn: 1967 & 1970

Montreal btwn: '67 & 1970............Loddy-Dah ! -----by Dolly Dennis (ex-Montrealer)

"Congratulations" to Dolly (Sabby to us few) Dennis who has a book coming out very soon ,the story is set in Montreal between the years of 1967 & 1970..........( I imagine we can all get into that timeframe) Dolly has been working hard for years & finally she will see the reality of her first novel ,as it is being published as you can read here an excerpt from the Canadian Authours of Alberta website: (just type in Dennis in the search window & it will bring you to the following ....... as printed here below,but checkout the whole site if of interest to future talents,it may be of use ................let's support our friend & ex-Montrealer & Buy Her Book,or at least read it ..........I know I will
Dolly Dennis’     
first novel, Loddy-Dah, has been picked up by Toronto publish-er Guernica Editions. The book is set
in Montreal between 1967 starting with EXPO 67 and ends in 1970 with the FLQ Crisis and the War Measures Act. Loddy-Dah explores issues of self-identity, self-image, illusion, delusion and self-acceptance.                                                

Here is the cover as promised: congrats again Dolly.

I will post a photo of the cover as soon as I see one,along with the isbn number so you can borrow it from a library or buy your own copy from your favourite local bookstore.............Congrats again Dolly (for never giving up) ~LesF

ps: Dolly is an ex-Montrealer & a talented Verdun character,who is a writer living in Alberta.


Dolly Dennis said...

Just found out that Loddy-Dah will have it's premiere launch in Montreal at the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival, April 24 to May 4; a second launch in Toronto on Sunday May 25. Don't know venue yet. Also launches in Edmonton and Calgary. Stay tuned!

Les_F said...

Congrats to Dolly , let's support our fellow Montrealer & read her book....Cheers ! LesF