Saturday, August 3, 2013

J'aime le metro.j'aime le autobus.......................NOT SO MUCH anymore


                         Ahh!......... the over regulated police like state of La Belle Province,you know- where they have a police force, for everything (any similarity to the old communist countries is purely coincidental) - lol  Common sense & more importantly Common Decency is severly lacking in the heads of overzealous power nuts working for the Bus Company.

A real nice story of the ongoing lunacy of our once great city.It sure isn't the La Belle Province ,that ; Je me  the following stoy is from the Gazette.

MONTREAL — More than a week after a mother and her 2-year-old son were kicked off a city bus and fined $219 for not having exact change, the STM says it has still not interviewed the bus driver involved in the Verdun incident.
Pauline Tantost, 24, who has since filed a complaint with the STM, was fined last Friday evening after attempting to pay the bus fare with a $5 bill.
STM spokesperson Amélie Régis said an investigation is underway and that all employees involved will be interrogated.
Tantost was headed home last Friday after spending five hours at the Montreal Children’s Hospital with her toddler, Xavier, who was suffering from an infection.
When she boarded the bus at 10 p.m., she asked the driver how much she owed. After looking in her bag for money, she told the driver she didn’t have $3 in change — only a $5 bill.
She offered the bus driver the money, but he refused, saying he only accepted exact change. He warned Tantost of being fined by STM investigators if she stayed on board without obtaining a proof of payment.
“I didn’t care, I just wanted to pay the bus fare and get home as soon as possible,” Tantost said in a phone interview.
She stayed on the bus and sat down behind the driver, with her $5 in hand.
A few minutes later, an STM vehicle rolled up. Two inspectors boarded the bus and asked to see her ticket.
“I left the bus on my own because I felt bad, I couldn’t stop crying, so I didn’t want everyone seeing me like that,” she said.
After the bus left, leaving Tantost on the sidewalk with her son, STM officers handed her a $219 fine for riding without a ticket. They told her she could wait for the next bus and show the fine as a proof of payment.
“I kept crying, I was really sad. Disappointed. I didn’t think something like this could happen,” she said.
Instead of waiting for the next bus, Tantost decided to walk home from the bus stop, which was 20 minutes away from her house in Verdun.
Although the STM has not yet spoken to the bus driver, officials have told Tantost that it wasn’t the driver who called STM investigators.
“It was just bad luck,” Tantost said.
But Wayne Larsen, who was aboard the bus when the incident occurred, is suspicious.
“To me, it looked like it was an ambush because these guys got on and targeted her right away,” Larsen said.
Larsen said that during the inspection last Friday evening, another passenger had issues with her ticket, but was let go with a warning.
“There was another person on the bus — an older woman — and they let her go. They didn’t take her off the bus or anything,” Larsen said.
Régis said Friday that she couldn’t give the specific number of random inspections that are conducted every year by STM investigators.

                                     :Here is a youtube of the old advertising campaign from MTC


Ian Cordner said...

Typical of all the goings-on in Quebec. Officials are seemingly unable to think for themselves or in fact use common sense or show empathy! I'm glad I moved out of there.

Les_F said...

I have to agree with you Ian on this point, there is almost no 'Common Sense' anywhere these days..