Friday, June 28, 2013

Verdun Memories

A great little local project by Kathryn Harvey,with several long time verdun residents.
Worth watching,(especially if you were/are from verdun)

Cutting, pasting and remembering is a short film shot in the spring of 2008.
Kathryn Harvey, working with local filmmaker and friend Leila Marshy, wanted to capture not only the process of piecing together an oral history,
but the special synergy and joy of doing it in a group

                          Thank You to all involved,a good effort to remind us of days gone by in Verdun

.....Also if nostalgia is your thing you may like this Luc Bourdon film which I posted here in 2010,
it is well made from old NFB clips & put together nicely. It is a long film ,so if your interested,grab a coffe (or a case of beer and sit back & watch on full screen,you will no doubt remember this Montreal.


                                   .........................Cheers !  ~ Have Fun & Remember Verdun/Montreal2

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