Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ahh just marking time

Again I am just marking time  to bring this blog up to a more recent date.
 I have rather enjoyed 'not' looking stuff up since last August ,when I shut  down the old VC site.
 However in time I still may seek out a new venue,and start posting Montreal stuff again.For now there are other good Montreal sites like Coolopolis,or Vanishing Montreal ,I know I check out a few periodically, thinking is the old ABF train of thought ( Anything But FB) --lol

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Di Nolin said...

I tried to post a comment at the apporpriate place, but it wouldn't post. It was under "Remembering Clement King".

Clem was my mother's cousin. He lived with my great aunt, and when she and my grandparents died we lost track of him. He was certainly a character. Thanks for this memory.
Do you know when he died?