Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 2012 and so on

Well I hope you had a great Christmas,good food,family,friends etc. 
I will try to start working on this blog a little more often in the next few months.However after closing down the Verdun Connections site on Multiply network,I really have appreciated the free time,not searching for montreal or Verdun stuff to post & share.It really frees up time.It gets difficult after a while (or dead boring) posting all the traditional stuff,like Hey Remember these (fill in ) hotdogs ,pizza,boardwalk,natatorium etc etc ...really we covered all that stuff & posted plenty of photos which I do like ,I still see plenty of the stuff we posted years ago being emailed to me from other social networks as if they just stumbled across 
perhaps a little later on I may have a renewed inspiration to start a new (old) group,but only if I can find a decent venue( I am not a FB fan at all,so that's out;they seem to invasive) that would provide us features like photo/video storage,running blogs which update or bumped to the top whenever a new reply is posted to a that  topic/thread.
In the meantime I have saved as much of the old posts,and pics we shared here on this blog.
I do not actively seek a membership type of blog,but I do see the stats on passers-by,so it is nice that people do still want to read some of the old stuff.
 Ok that's it for now,I really just wanted to update the blog,so I remember it is still
                                                 Cheers ~  and Have Fun & Remember Verdun
Also have a good New Year and all the best in 2013:

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