Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Verdun photo from the 1960's

Pete Seeger sings along with this montage of Verdun photos from the 1960's
---great pics we've all seen before,& I doubt Pete could pick out Verdun on a map,but if he had a hammer he could make a real mess of the map.........!

This is a youtube video (stating the obvious,always adds to content)-lol
However someone has placed a lot of photos together on video making it simpler to view. We have seen all of these before,having posted literally 100's if not thousands of like pictures here on our site over the past 10 years or so......... you most likely will still like to see these again....Have a look & enjoy your trip in time back to Verdun.
Cheers ! Have Fun & Remember Verdun -Les

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John Massey said...

Great little collection of VERDUN photos.
Where would be the ideal place to find the largest collection of Verdun photos? Please direct me..

Btw, Raised in Verdun from 67-86. Lived on Valiquette, Egan and then my last 10 years on Beurling right in front of the park; 6056 Beurling. Remember that dry cleaner that was on Beurling? (Villeneuve's). I lived right next door to them.
Wonderful fond memories!

Blessings from Knoxville, TN,

John Massey