Thursday, August 30, 2012

Verdun Connections @ Multiply & Previously MSN Groups Says Salute

Thelma Fayle is a freelance writer who lives in Victoria, B.C., but was born and raised in Verdun. She is the author of Ted Grant: Sixty Years of Legendary Photojournalism, to be launched in Canada by Heritage House Publishing in October.Over 10 years has passed with Verdun Connections,in both MSN groups,& then here on Multiply.The features offered now photo albums video,blog stories,will cease to be supported by Multiply. I for one am not that unhappy,we have had a great run,told some tales relayed Verdun information historical & sometimes Great photos have been shared as well as videos.
I would thank Maggie for having the insight to start Verdun Connections back on MSN groups (along with her friend Lucina) I was asked to help along the way & was happy to do so.
We had to endure many growing pains & glitches & mysterious stuff,to which of course the management must have been out to get us....hahahahah
We have spawned many groups,to which new admin will find out that glitches still occur & messages sometimes fly off into space,& some members will try to overun the site with there ideas of how things should be. Perhaps they know now,that just happens,just not as much these days as in the beginning of social media,but it still happens.
We also learned that a lot of people like to just read the stories or look at the photos and some choose to comment periodically.Usually it is a small percentage of any group that actually joins in on a regular type basis. Keeping to topic is difficult to do as well.
    We welcomed them all whether just to read the topics,look at the photos,watch the videos ,we enjoyed all of you,Maybe our paths will cross again in the future (via the internet a new group somewhere down the road,or maybe not) Time will tell.
 I have closed off membership ,as I see Multiply has it's own tech problems these days,so I have also closed the comment ability,(actually it appears as 'moderation' but it is to just allow us to Say Goodbye to you all, & we hope you always ........................................Have Fun & Remember Verdun........Cheers !  - LesF


J.M.H. said...

Hi Les !

Good to read you again


Les_F said...

Hi JMH nice to hear from you. All the best to you & your family in 2013

Robbie said...

I was looking for a site with chatting by older Verdunites who are either there or have moved on. I lived in Oshawa now and would like to connect with some I may have known in the day. I did find a site like that once, but can't find it again.

The Verdun Connections site appears to just be news items that I've already read somewhere else.

Does anything like what I'm looking for exist? Thanks.

Robbie said...

I am looking for a site where I can chat with Verdunites or ex Verdunites about the old days. Found a site once, but can't find it again.

I am now in Oshawa ON and feeling nostalgic!!


Robbie B.

Robbie said...

P.S. Some may know me as Roberta... I went to Bannantyne School then Verdun High - Graduated in... 1962? 61?