Thursday, June 7, 2012

Verdun Ferry

The passenger ferry between Verdun and Ile-des-Soeurs is back in operation, from 10am to 6pm thursday to sunday, near the Crescendo restaurant on the Verdun side and near the Archambault park on the Ile-des-Soeurs side.



Photo Le Messager


Les F said...

I think this is a great idea.I remember we talked of this some time ago,also on the horizon at the time was a suposed bridge from Galt to Nuns Island ( did that ever happen yet ?) I think we wondered if a person could also take their bike on this walk on ferry,to ride over on the island ? It is a neat looking little ferry. - Les

Guy Billard said...

We have access to the Nun's Island by the Champlain bridge. We can take our bike with us on the ferry as i did it a couple of years ago which I posted at the time. The ferry was the brainchild of Beatriz Stanevitch who apparently is the private owner and who finances the project..