Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dr Norman Bethune

I have found another photo of Dr Norman Bethune taken in France in 1937 which I hava added to my Album no. 49. We must not forget this great Canadian hero from the 1920s and 30s. He had a Verdun connection for having treated poor patients in Verdun in the 30s at the YMCA on Gordon street. Aside from the video made to honor Bethune, I was unable to find any mention of his connection with Verdun in the Guardian of that period.


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Les F said...

Guy I tried to add the next Bethune article from the Canadian Archives site, but it would not accept the script in this thread ,so I started a new thread,which can be read in conjunction with yours here.
I might be able to edit the javascript to allow it here,but that's a little bit more work,usually it doesn't allow both the photos on the page & the text & colour to appear in these comment windows.........such is life. The article is basic informationabout the Dr. and his background.
Something I didn't remember was that he was from Gravehurst Ont. as a kid I got to go to alot of these places in Ontario as I spent many summers in Muskoka ..........-Les