Wednesday, May 9, 2012

re-post Motorcycle Verdun from Sept 2007

Sep 17, '07 9:00 PM
by touchy826 for everyone
Various pictures mostly late 40's and 50's

Barbra Bates &

Bill Butler Harley

Bob Buck's Norton

Marty's funeral

Gals Canada Hotel St Anns

Guys Canada Hotel st Anns

Jpyce Larman

Motorcycle Guys

Motorcycle guys

My Matchless twin

My Matchless single

Ron 1953 Harley

Ron Stan Booth Bob Foley

Ron Larman Wedding


Les F said...

this album from cessnakid43 in March 2007

Les F said...

Wow we sure had some great response ,years back ,most of these were from the MSN days, I guess people just liked the easier format,& the fact that you could respond to any topic & that topic would automatically pop back up to the top of the reader board (blog).....

Cheers ! HF&RV I just thought some of you may recognize some of the older posters...... ........... - Les

Scott Williams said...

Hi Les,
Thanks for reposting these photos. I just recently googled "Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Verdun" and this website/thread came up. My dad, Art Williams, talked about being part of the Jolly Rogers. I'm not sure exactly when he was a member, but it was probably late 40s or early 50s. He had an Indian, then later a Harley, and was friends with Frank Meikle and Phil Barzdenis. He was born in Verdun in 1930 and lived there (on Godin, then Rolland) until our family moved to California around 1968. Unfortunately he passed away in 1995 and my mom, Jean Cameron (also from Verdun), passed away back in 1985. Just wondering if any of you knew my parents? Also, does anyone know how to get in touch with the person who originally posted these pictures?

Les F said...

I will do what I can to get that info for you Scott,.some of our posted material is from the old MSN site ,,and many members never did make the inital migration to this Multiply forum, but I do think i have a list of all the origianl members & maybe ( not sure) their email address''s from that time.
Glad you found the post linking back to here. Cheers ! I'll get back to you with what I find...........HF&RV - Les

Scott Williams said...

Thanks Les! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to pass on my email address to anyone with information about the Jolly Roger club during that time.
Thanks again,

Les F said...

Will Do..........also there are still a few members here that were old members too, & they may see this & respond... Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Pierrette Boulay said...

Hi, everyone, my boss Bill Butler was the captain of the Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club

Pierrette Boulay said...

Hi, everyone, my boss Bill Butler was the captain of the Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club

Les_F said...

thanks for surfing by Pierrette, and thank you for your input. Cheers!

ibm1959 said...

Hello everyone. My father was Jack Merie. I didn't know him as he died when I was 5. I am trying to pull together about him. I understand he may have been murdered in Vancouver or may have committed suicide in Winnipeg. IF anyone knew him, could you please post a message. I don't know much abut him and would love to hear any stories. Thank you in advance!