Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not Sure if the Oldman is Snoring but It's Raining & Pouring in Montreal

Apparently they are having a real wet day at home in Montreal,the rush hour traffic going on right now is slowed everywhere with some tunnels flooded & the entrance to the Victoria bridge is going to be closed. According to the callers calling into CJAD right now.
You can checkout the local traffic cam scene if you like.    http://www.quebec511.gouv.qc.ca/en/cameras/montreal/

A s of 5pm (1 hr ago) Montreal still flooding everywhere, They had one of those fantastic Thunder storms (remember ) when the crack of thunder would vibrate through your body, I loved those,& if they had the lightning too,then bonus....
Unfortunately the down side is people's lower houses & basements may flood, & of course the traffic would be a nightmare (worse than usual).....
Here's the Gazette stort from one hour ago:

MONTREAL – Montreal was hit with a major downpour on Tuesday afternoon, and while it was brief, it left severe traffic disruptions, flooding and damage in its wake.

The storm began in earnest at about 5 p.m., forcing people to run for cover as the skies opened.

The city’s sewer and drainage systems were quickly overwhelmed, with water levels rising rapidly along main thoroughfares like René Lévesque St., Metcalfe St. and Ste. Catherine St. In some cases, at least a foot of water was being reported.

There were also reports on Twitter of basements, homes, office towers and other buildings, including Place Montréal Trust and buildings at McGill and Concordia universities, being inundated as water burst up through toilets and sinks.

One Twitter user reported that businesses on the first floor of the complex Les Ailes had water streaming through their ceilings. The archives room at Radio-Canada was also flooded.

At 5:30 p.m., police confirmed the Ville Marie Expressway had been shut down in the eastbound direction. Most other major highways were also flooded with several inches of water, causing huge headaches for motorists attempting to leave the downtown.

The métro system was also being affected. There were reports of partial flooding in several stations including Peel, Bonaventure and Square Victoria.

Sirens rang out through the downtown as pumping trucks were deployed to try to minimize the damage. Many office buildings appeared to be undergoing evacuations.

It is not clear exactly how much rain fell on the island before the deluge finally stopped around 5:40 p.m. The rain continued to fall in spurts, however, making clean-up and intervention efforts difficult.

Thunderstorm warnings remain in effect in areas around Montreal and tornado warnings have also been issued for several areas south of Montreal.

The public was being warned by Environment Canada that the weather system could bring large hail, damaging winds, heavy rain and intense lightning.

Montreal’s 911 emergency line was reportedly overwhelmed with calls, but as of 6:15 p.m., there were no reports of any serious injuries related to the storm or the subsequent flooding.

                                                 ...................................Good Luck to our Montreal area members,- Les


Les F said...

They have just mentioned they cannot remember the last time it rained this hard,but it was thought to be back in 1987 when even the Decarie Expressway flooded.........Here is the Decarie Pictures from 1987,

Les F said...

Listen live at CJAD http://cjad.player.amri.ca/ Ok this player link does work,but you have to suffer through 1 ad before it starts,so you may want to turn down your speakers ,
Now if that link,which is the cjad player doesn't work,it's because you may have to go in through the direct link to CJAD & then click Listen Live.
......................................................................hf&rv _-Les

Les F said...

Here you go , I figured something maybe on youtube by now,this is today's storm:

Les F said...

Les F said...

pauline garneau said...

My sister’s flight was due to land at 5:23 pm from Edmonton right smack dab in the middle of the storm. The rain was coming down in buckets. They had to fly around up there for about 20 minutes until they could land.
It wasn't water under the bridge it was all the water on the Champlain bridge that was scary. Thank you God yesterday you needed your Guardian Angel.......Pauline

Les F said...

Wow , I had heard on CJAD that the bridge (Victoria) was being closed ,but only the entrance ramps,but the Champlain that is incredible as the run-off should run smoothly into drain pipes & usually back into the drink.I can imagine that the runways at Dorval(P.E.T.) may have been slick..and how about A13 (I think that was it) didn't that have a portion of it run under Dorval & perhaps subject to flooding there?
Well have a good visit with your sister Pauline,& feed her lot's of Montreal comfort foods.......... hf&rv - Les