Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Year Books

I have found in our archives (SHGV) the following year books:

Lindsay Place High School, Eighth Edition, 1970 year book (Address ?)

James Lyng High School, 1987 year book, 5440 Notre Dame St. West, Montreal Qc

If any MVC members think they are in these yearbooks and would like a copy of the page showing their name or photo, let me know and I will post them.





Les F said...

Does anyone know where this school was ? I have never heard of it.

Les F said...

111 Broadview PteClaire............................I still never heard of it? hf&rv

pauline garneau said...

James Lyng High School is in St Henri one of the first villages in Montreal.

Is this the little house someone was looking for a while back????

robert jomphe said...

That was I. Still do not remember seeing this building some of the little buildings I remember one of my relatives lived two streets from Atwater market and I still go to green spot once in a while

Guy Billard said...

Who is James Lyng ? What did he accomplish in this world to deserve to have a school named after him ? I'm sure very few people have ever heard of him including myself.


Guy Billard said...

That photo of the LaSalle Hydro dam brings back memories of my playing in that area in the early 40s although I don't recall having actually played on the dam itself. .