Friday, March 16, 2012

Verdun - The Good Old Days

This is what this site is all about.


nonigirl2012 wrote today at 3:31 PM
Hello/Bonjour Guy, I find your site quite by accident after someone had sent me a clip of a video about Montreal & Verdun. It was so nice to see all those pictures that brought back memories that I thought I had forgotten. I spent my childhood in Verdun and although I don't have many pictures from that time, I do remember playing down by the river, just west of the Auditorium, under the boats that were stored there. Also I remember many summers walking along the boardwalk and going to the Natatorium. Many days were spent in the park near Lasalle & Galt I think. We were taught so many fun things, like arts & crafts and outings. I don't think they do that in parks anymore. It's a shame. It kept us busy, having fun and not getting into trouble as kids. If I find any old photos, I'll send them along. I lived at 91 Gordon Avenue. The old house was torn down some years ago and rebuilt but they kept most of the facade.
Lorraine Beaton

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Les F said...

Glad you found your way here Lorraine............ Cheers ! HF&RV -Les