Friday, March 16, 2012

54 Years Later

I was in Verdun yesterday and took these photos at the S.W. corner of Bannantyne and Allard streets. The building that blew up in 1958 has no. 6200 Bannantyne.


                              Explosion 28th May 1958

                             New building at 6200 Bannantyne

                             General view same as old photo


Explosion Photo: Verdun Police Dept. May 29th 1958

New Photos: Guy Billard Oct. 15th 2012



Les F said...

Not really much has changed over the years,Verdun / Montreal for the most part still remains the same.the avenues still look pretty much the same,after all these years,Upgrades to doors & windows,but it still reminds me of home long ago.
Thanks for the effort of taking the photos Guy..........always appreciated:
Cheers ! HF&RV - Les
I would have a ball taking photos all over Montreal if I were there nowadays.

Les F said...

Wow , click on the photo of the exploded building(in Guy's post,not the front page shot) it makes the photo really large & shows great detail of the blast......Yikes !
ps: I wonder if this event inspired the title of the movie "The Postman Only Rings Once"
.Cheers ! HF&RV - Les


lost my house by gas on melrose were i lived with my parents,think there are condos there now


lost my house same way on melrose were i lived with my parents,name is wayne holden

Les F said...

Hi Wayne what year did that happen ? Hopefully no one was hurt in that
Cheers HF&RV - Les

john allison said...

Guy. Once again, a big thank you. I remember the event so well. I may even be in the crown that went to see the damage. Please continue your good efforts. They are more than appreciated.