Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ville Marie Tunnel Collapse was an 'Accident' -really Sherlock ,You Mean They Didn't Plan

Yup that's the findings after a year of researching,that the poor workmanship,bad material,and corrupt construction company's & paid off politicians,.were not a factor,.just a bit of 'bad luck' really......hahahahaha

Three Quebec engineering firms, whose consortium was fingered by Transport Quebec on Friday in the collapse of a tunnel undergoing repair on the Ville Marie Expressway in July, will likely not see the incident put a dent in their other government contracts.

The province intends to sue the firms SNC-Lavalin, Dessau Inc. and CIMA+, which formed a consortium that was overseeing the work on the tunnel at Viger St., Transport Minister Pierre Moreau announced at a news conference.

However, Moreau suggested the incident has no bearing on any of the other road projects being handled by the engineering firms across Quebec.

You don't shut down a hospital because of a medical error, he said, using a hospital as an analogy for each firm.

The comment was echoed by Fran├žois Plourde, executive vice-president of CIMA+, who said he doesn't see the matter and impending litigation affecting the company's other contracts with Transport Quebec.

"It's a bit like the minister said," Plourde said. "You have to see it like a hospital. There's lots of work in the hospital, and there can be an accident. It's an accident."

CIMA+, which counts 2,100 employees and is present in 25 countries, has worked on such major projects in Quebec as the extension of Highway 25 between Montreal and Laval and supervising the reconstruction of the Dorval interchange, the firm's website says. As well, CIMA+ conducted the feasibility study and other studies for the coming reconstruction of the Turcot Interchange.

The three firms had no comment on Transport Quebec's conclusions.

"For the moment, it's premature to offer comments," Plourde said. "We'll study the report like everyone else and we'll collaborate with the (Transport) Department."

SNC-Lavalin, the only publicly traded company of the three, did not return The Gazette's messages.

Dessau has no comment given the government's declared intention to sue, said Katia Reyburn, the company's director of communications. She noted that Dessau's role in the Viger Tunnel project was to manage and maintain signage around the work site.

Jacques Duchesneau, who headed the province's anti collusion unit, concluded in a report last year that Transport Quebec has lost its internal expertise to monitor its $4-billion worth of projects per year because it has given more and more control over to outside engineering firms to do that work.

CIMA+, created in 1990 through a series of mergers of engineering firms, works on provincial and municipal contracts in such areas as urban planning, infrastructure, transportation, hydroelectricity and telecommunications.

Dessau Inc., which was founded in Laval in 1957 and counts 4,700 employees, is working for the province on construction of Montreal's two super hospitals. It also works on private and municipal contracts in different areas.

With annual sales of $600 million, Dessau is Quebec's No. 2 engineering firm behind SNC-Lavalin.

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world, reporting $5.1 billion in revenue for the first three quarters of 2011, up 21.7 per cent over the same period a year earlier.

The company, founded in Montreal in 1911, is also involved with its subsidiaries and affiliates in several areas, including transportation, chemicals, infrastructure, telecommunications and mining.

 keep your neck stiff,while driving under anything made in Labelle Province,tunnels ,bridges etc etc

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Thanks Cookie ,...told ya I'd work it

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Ok , a couple of hours later ,they have decided it was the 'engineers fault' not an 'accident' here's the gazette update or at least 1 paragraph:
In the end it wasn't negligent bureaucrats, careless construction workers, questionable work done in the 1970s or even the infamous paralumes that were to blame for the Ville Marie Expressway tunnel collapse last July, and for the subsequent hand-wringing by motorists who dared drive the streets of Montreal.

It was the engineers.

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What possible Questionable work done in the 70's could they be thinking of.....Hmmmm let's see the Billion Dollar Big Owe, had a section of concrete fall off it a couple of years ago,...they have two bridges that are in serious trouble,the Turcot interchange is falling apart, a couple of overpasses collapsed,Killing a few on the Pie IX ,one a couple of years ago,(not to mention a few hotels that like to drop chunks of concrete on to their patios below killing one poor lady).....How could they even give a passing thought to it being 'Questionable Work' ..........please