Friday, January 27, 2012

Petroglyph Found Near the Former LaSalle Hydro Dam

An insignia has been discovered engraved on a stone (Petroglyph) on the shoreline near the old Hydro dam in LaSalle by one of our members (SHGV) who consulted us for help to try and discover who where the authors. The engraving seems to be very old and speculations are that they where engraved either by the indians, the vikings, the first colonizers, the irish settlers etc. Was the stone transported there by the excavators is one of the ideas that came up. The design of the engraving is the key to the mystery.

Help was requested from the Provincial Government and an expert from Quebec city visited the site and was supposed to get back to our member but has not received any reply yet.

We have found this subject very interesting and we are mobilizing our efforts to try and solve the mystery.

I thought I would request help from MVC members so if any of you out there have any idea of the origins of this engraving, your help would be appreciated.





Les F said...

It certainly does not look like a native inspired design,they generally use ovoids,not perfectly curved lines, This in all honesty looks a lot like something that could have been done with that old kids game from the 60's a spiralgraph ? or something like that. I am not suggesting this was done that way ,since it would have been a lot more work to carve stone (depending on the type of stone,sandstone ,'no problem' granite.a little more difficult,but not impossible)
However carving in rock along the StLawrance River was done more often than you think, My grandfather's initials (or name) were scribed into Rock Island (a little island--you guessed it, consisting of a rock in the rapids not to far off the tip of nuns Island,heading towards Heron Is. So my point is you can carve into types of rock found around there,& you may not have had to go back to early settlers to find the author.besides what would have been their reason ? I can see an artistically talented teenager,fuelled by a readily available substance in the 60's or 70's,doing this work,just to kill time, that design if some of you can remember appeared on a lot of kids schoolbook covers (remember covering your books to protect them)...theses were basically 'doodle art' ...... I doubt there is a big mystery,like a beacon to contact the mothership.......hahahahaha
It is interesting though,.... Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Guy Billard said...

This carving is very old judging from the wear, perhaps 100 or 150 years old possibly older as it is granit wich is very hard stone. I have seen similar old 150 year old tombstones made of granit wich is similar to this stone. It will require much more research by expert governement specialist such as carbon 14 dating. However, amateurs such as us can do research to find out what the design represents. One suggesting came up that it may be an old irish design All this is speculation at this point.

Les F said...

Carbon Dating will tell you (roughly) how old the rock is....not the design,that would only be speculation.
As for being Irish design,.that is a distinct possibility, more referred to as Celtic design.Here are a few examples.....

I can see a big chance it being Celtic / Irish influence,
..still saw the style on many a school work book ,cover & even carved into a desk or two...... Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Les F said...

Here are some video's with example of Celtic designs:

Cheers ! Have Fun and Remember Verdun....old rocks 'n all, - Les

Pierre Dion said...

Hi lesf
Finaly made it, I'm glad I could join this group! You are right about carbon dating the stone, it would not help to know how old the stone is. But dating the soil on which the stone is resting could let us know how long it's been there.

Les F said...

That's a good point Pierre, & Welcome to this group, I hope you enjoy it.
However if that rock was brought in as fill,it may have come from anywhere on the island ? I would imagine though,that since the hydro dam was built around the turn of the previous century,that the workers would have used something as close by as will be interesting to hear about the findings.....keep us informed,.Thanks have Fun & Remember Verdun....- Les

Also in looking at the photo of the rock it looks like it's nestled right in there,where abouts was this found,because if it is as recent as '05 then & it turned up along the riverbank,then it really could have been trucked in as fill,since from what I have seen the whole Montreal waterfront has been greatly changed by way of reclaiming land by filling in along the river. The good part of that would be that if it did arrive as new fill,then there just maybe records on file of where the fill originates from.?

Mary N said...

It looks like a celtic cross. I would say definitely celtic.