Sunday, January 29, 2012

City of Verdun Vehicules

Here is another old photo I pulled out of our archives. It was originally the property of the City of Verdun and is dated Nov. 19 1969, no. 1095/69.

We can see the boating club (VMBC ?) on the river bank, the Champlain bridge and Nun's Island showing the excavation earth along the shore. The development of Nun's Island had alrteady begun transforming the whole area, for good or bad.

My guess is that the photo was taken behind the hospital with the Auditorium on the right. Can anybody confirm this.



Les F said...

Fantastic photo Guy.........I remember those trucks & plows vividly...this is a very cool picture...Thanks Cheers ! HF&RV - Les

Ian Cordner said...

This pic seems to be further down river Guy, since Nun's Island is directly across. I used to paddle for the Grand Trunk Boating Club when it was situated behind & underneath the old Verdun Municipal Stadium (now condos) and that is the view I remember of the island from the club but I may be off by a few hundred yards.

Guy Billard said...

I made a mistake as my message should have read the Auditorium, not the Natatorium. Sorry for the mistake. I made the correction. I was a member of the VMBC in the early 50s which was directly behind the Auditorrium therefore the shacks and wharf shown on the photo where directly to the left of the Auditorium as well as the vehicules. The road and ramp down to the club was to the right of the Auditorium. My boat was
at the right of the Auditorium wich is at the foot of Church street.

Ian Cordner said...

Yes....the VMBC was adjacent to the old GTBC, I remember paddling past it often!

Kathy Dobson said...

What a fantastic picture! Thanks for posting it.