Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scam or just Spam

There seems to be a nuisance spam happening in Hotmail or Windows Live accounts,there is no danger as Virus checkers don't seem to be worried,but it is a pain when someone gets an email that they think is from you & it isn't.

      The one I see most readily today starts in the subject line "Hey" and then you see it's from someone you know ,you open it & it simply says "Click here to Open ....blah blah blah

 It is an ad for an IPOD of course it's FREE ( one of our favourite 4 letter words) but keep in mind it's like a Free Lunch...There is no such thing.

 There are plenty of agency's to report scams or spams, & the first would be report it to your hotmail provider first. They can deal with it. Then the more serious the scam or annoying the spams can be reported to federal agency's on both sides of the 49th.....

    It's always good to be aware of things,as complaceny is easy to fall into.& relying on your equipment can sometimes be augmented by just deleteing (as I'm sure you already do ) any emails from sources you rarely get if ever email from.


How to Report a Fraud or Scam

If you have observed a scam or been the victim of a scam, spam or fraud and want to report it for enforcement, here is a list of where to report different types of scams in the US, UK, Canada and many other countries. In some cases there is more than one agency to contact.  Some scams fit into more than one category, also.

 read more here ,if you need to:

         Cheers ! HF&RV                - Les


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Les F said...

It seems this is happening again,emails sent from hotmail accounts to your contact list.
I even recieved an email ( apparently from they access your contacts list & send what appears to be an email from you. usually says 'Click on this link to see photos ' or something like that. it doesn't seem to be anything otherthan an ad I guess as no virus is detected,just spam really.
Here is a link I looked into today re: hotmail accounts having that problem.