Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Business as Usual........Is that a Surprise

                Hmmmm seems like not much has changed, I guess they (the city) can just 'Shut Down ' another Community Res Centre/ Swimming Pool ,where they save 2 million & just pay it out to an already 'suspect' construction company........How does that old saying go ?  ..Better the devil you know......    or does  " A Leopa\rd never changes his spots.......seem more appropriate ?    Here is the Gazette story in todays paper.

MONTREAL - The city of Montreal has awarded a $1.4-million pumping station contract to a company owned by controversial contractor Tony Accurso despite the fact his company was the only bidder and its bid was 31-per-cent higher than the city's estimate.

When the city discovered the enormous difference between the original estimate and the bid from Accurso's company Gastier MP Inc., the city chose not to retender the contract. Instead, it hired a second engineering firm to re-estimate the work.

This second company, Macogep, came up with an estimate of $1.3 million, or only 4.75 per cent below what Gastier bid.

With a bid in hand that was now much closer to its estimate, city council Monday night awarded the contract to Gastier. The city's two opposition parties, Vision Montreal and Project Montreal, voted against the contract.

One of the senior directors of Macogep is Claude Léger, according to the company's website. Léger is the former Montreal city manager who was fired in 2009 following a scandal over a $355-million water meter contract awarded to a consortium that included Accurso.

Accurso is currently fighting before the Régie du bâti-ment du Québec to retain construction licences for two of his construction companies - Louisbourg Construction Ltd. and Simard Beaudry Construction - after he pleaded guilty in 2010 to a $4.13-mil-lion federal tax fraud.

When the city originally tendered the pumping station contract, 15 companies showed up for tender specifications. But only Accurso's company submitted a bid.

Opposition councillor Alex Norris said he found the contracting "very troubling." He noted the city gave council no explanation for the differences between


Les F said...

Wow , what a coincidence ( a Second Company ) bid just a little lower,and so that is why they went with the 'higher bid' anyway......My guess if I were a cynical thinker at all, 'might ' be that the 2nd ,maybe 3rd & possibly 4th company's may have some 'connection' to each other in terms of estimating....
What do you think...................Nahhhhhh that would be collusion of sorts,and that couldn't happen now a days ,,especially with an inquiry into construction corruption is & has been 'front & center' for years in LaBelle Province......not to mention a 'promise' by the Govt''s to 'look in to this' .................hahahahaha

john allison said...

WOW!!! Am I ever glad we don't have any graft problems, or price fixing down here in the USA. NOPE!!!! They found there is more money to be made by cheating investors for years....without getting caught. OR..... are the price fixers and the graft problems not discovered yet?? Hmmmmm