Sunday, November 6, 2011

and from the Not So Good News Dept. ...A Woman is Stabbed in Verdun

Haven't heard this type of news from Verdun for a while ,but the Gazette reports a woman (34) was seriously stabbed (I'm not sure what a not serious stabbing would be myself) however at about two in the morning police were called to a house on 5th av, (I imagine they would like to be able to turn the clocks back an hour there.

MONTREAL – A 34-year-old woman was in serious condition Sunday after being stabbed in an apartment in Verdun. Police arrested a 40-year-old man in the case.

The incident took place in a six-plex on 5th Ave. in Verdun about 1:50 a.m., Montreal police Constable Daniel Lacoursière said.

The suspect left the scene after the attack but police caught up with him and arrested him at the corner of Verdun and Willibrord Sts., Lacoursière said.

Police could not say exactly what relationship the man had with the victim but they said they did know each other. seems to me that there are an awful lot of stabbings everywhere these days,it must be the weapon of choice...everyday & not just in Montreal,there are reports of stabbings,that is a sad state of affairs,& a poor reflection on society in general.


john allison said...

Les. Every morning I look at The Gazette on line. Mainly to look at the obits. If my name isn't there, I figure I made it through another night. One thing that I have noticed at an alarming rate is the fact that almost every day, there has been at least one stabbing. Maybe I am getting older and paying more attention, but I don't recall hardly ever hearing or reading about the frequency that these events are now occuring. What a shame.

Another thing that really upset me, was this DR. that took his 3 kids for a weekend visitation, and to punish his wife, killed the three of them. In The Gazette this past week, they were wondering whether to release him now or in a year. He was found not guilty because he just happened to be a little unstable at the time....But sure is feeling well now. Also he said he was hoping to have more children......but in another province. Just sometimes I wish I had the mentallity of a hitman... on occassions like this....

Les F said...

winston that is exactly what I was referring too,without mentioning Montreal in general,I have noticed this too, as I read numerous papers online each day & the Gazette is one of them.
As for that Dr. creep I too can easily play the movie in my mind where I am the hitman, ....but that's the difference btwn. being relativley civil & being the hitman...we can just play the movie in our head,without acting on it......................(Luckily for a lot of nuts out there)