Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More About Kathy Dobson...authour of "With a Closed Fist"

Here is a little more information about Kathy Dobson,


Freelance journalist Kathy Dobson has written for every major newspaper and magazine in Canada, including the Globe and Mail, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Canadian Living, Chatelaine, More, Maclean’s

 and Today’s Parent magazine. Her two blogs with the Globe and Mail, “A Parent’s View” and “A Family View,” examine the issues surrounding post-secondary education in Canada. A news stringer for the CBC in Ottawa for over six years, Kathy also produced numerous documentaries for CBC Radio, including one that featured hockey legend Bobby Orr that examined the violence in children’s minor hockey. She also followed a group of teenaged peacemakers for nearly two years in a public school in Ontario, sharing their struggles and triumphs in the fight against bullying. Kathy grew up in Pointe St. Charles, a neighbourhood then described by the National Film board as being the “toughest neighbourhood in Canada,” a factoid she never gets tired of bragging about.  

  ("She sure sounds like a proud Montrealer to me, & she call 'em like she see's 'em " )JMHO.....I can't wait to read this gals book, afterall it's her story & We all have one....

                          Have Fun & Remember Verdun ................................

her book is available through Vehicule Press,, & Chapters Indigo ,or you can check your local library for it too. I have recommended (or suggested ) it to be added to the local library system here in Victoria BC ,.so it's probably been added (or will be ) to a library near you.......

-From Véhicule Press

“In the Point St. Charles of Kathy’s childhood people move for one of two reasons: their apartment is on fire, or the rent is due. Starting in 1968, eight-year-old Kathy Dobson shares her early years growing up in Point St. Charles, an industrial slum in Montreal (now in the process of gentrification). She offers a glimpse into the culture of extreme poverty, giving an insider’s view into a neighbourhood then described as the ‘toughest in Canada.’

When student social workers and medical students from McGill University invade the Point, Kathy and her five sisters witness their mother transform from a defeated welfare recipient to an angry and confrontational community organizer who joins in the fight against a city that has turned a blind eye on some of its most vulnerable citizens. When her mother wins the right for Kathy and her two older sisters to attend schools in one of Montreal’s richest neighbourhoods, Kathy is thrown into a foreign world with a completely different set of rules, leading to disastrous results.”


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Here is the link to Kathy Dobson's website: Visit it if you like.


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Oddly enough I just looked at the cover of the book ,and I notice the wrought iron curving staircase,certainly a Montreal & and most certainly a Verdun landmark item,but Griffitntown,& the Point ,did not have many of these ,although they certainly had some,most of the houses there were built almost right on the property line & a lot of the staircases(or more correctly stairwells) were actually indoors,Remember redbrick houses meeting the granite sidewalks & people sat in their doorways,whereas in Verdun you had mostly if not all the homes had the winding stair style & of course the front gallery's for us to people watch from......or be watched.

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It's on it's way,& I will get one of the first reads..............Cheers! HF&RV