Monday, October 24, 2011

Body Pulled from Acky near Woodland Bridge







MONTREAL - A body, apparently of a man, was found and recovered Sunday from the municipal aqueduct, bordering Ville Émard and Verdun.

Police would confirm only that a corpse had been recovered from "a body of water" in the area.

Constable Dany Richer added that he was unable to immediately supply any details.

However, a Verdun resident, who asked that her name not be published, said the corpse appeared to be male and under 40 years of age.

It was pulled about 2 p.m. Sunday from the water onto the shoreline at the base of the bridge where Woodland Ave. crosses the channel feeding the treatment plant, she said.

The site is on the Champlain Blvd. side of the canal.

The body, the witness added, was clad in a black coat, jeans and black running shoes.

She said a police officer nearby was holding a plastic bag containing a wallet and a cellular telephone.

The body was subsequently covered with a red blanket.


Tom q said...

Nice of them to find the poor soul at THIS time of the year. I can remember many times that the police found them AFTER they'd been under the ice all winter! We took our Scouts for a ride along the acky, by the 4th ave bridge, and got called over by the fuzz. This was in the early 70's. They asked us to help keep the onlookers back while the divers took the body out of the water. They'd just loaded the person onto a stretcher, and hadn't a body bag. They were lifting the stretcher and an arm fell off! You should have seen the faces on some of the people there. Needless to say, we caught heck from on high for "exposing the boys to such a display". I'm surprised there aren't more "finds' now that the whole area's been turned into a bike path/park...

Les F said...

I remember the Lachine Canal used to reveal some bodies fairly often,some were still in the trunk of a car, also there were lot's of stolen cars among other things pulled from the canal every year.or so.
I didn't remember too many drownings at the acky,but I do sort of recall some...
Yes I don't imagine being in the drink under the ice for a winter would be something you really want to be showing to everyone.
I did see several bodies pulled from the River though,2 of which were at the old dam, Sadly one was a young boy,who to this day I cam remember the lifeless limbs just hanging down as the firefighters slid him into an aluminum boat,all the while they tried to keep the body covered from view of the public,but we still saw the poor kids dead lifeless limp body...... not a great memory,but a vivid one.
No wonder we were all warned on almost a daily basis when we were kids "don't go near the river" of course that's where we headed anyway.

Sandra macDonald said...

I recall only once seeing a body brought up from the river. He was a man in his twenties we all knew. He often went out on his boat . Apparently his boat flipped in the rapids and he drowned. Horrid.
How could someone drown in the Acky, unless they were drunk or committed suicide. We use to play along there all the time.

Les F said...

Are you thinking of Jack (or Bobby ) Snow ? They (the Snow family) were neighbours of ours ,they lived on Gordon near the lane close to CKVL. Four friends drowned in that mishap, & one of them was from the Snow family ,I can't recall the other families, Also I remember a guy about our age at the time (mid-teens) drowned in the river,that was Buddy Singer , I remember going to the funeral home on Bannatyne .........that was a long time ago, it did seem strange looking at someone close to our age in a coffin........

Sandra macDonald said...

The name Bobby Snow sounds familiar. I really don't recall what the fellows name was anymore. God I hardly remember my own. I don't imagine it will get any better with age. lol
To see someone young in a coffin would be horrid.