Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Molson's Brewery, 225th Anniversary, 1786 - 2011


Molson's Brewery, now called Molson Coors is celebrationg it's 225th anniversary this year. John Molson, who was an orphan emigrated to Canada in 1782 and was a formidable entrepreneur as proves his accomplishments.

He had built the first steam boat to ply the St Lawrence river. He financed the construction of the first railway in the country, the Champlain & St Lawrence Railway. He exploited a luxurious hotel and a lumberyard. He opened a bank with 125 branches until it was purchased by the Bank of Montreal in 1925. Today, we can still admire the Molson Bank building on St James street, a masterpiece of architecture of the Second Empire. He financed the first theatre in Montreal as well as an hospital. And of course we all know about Molson's involvment with the Montreal Canadiens hockey club.  


(Exert from La Presse article by Sophie Cousineau of La Presse September 20th 2011)



Les F said...

I knew I was celebrating something Cheers ! HF&RV

Les F said...

Well thank god for Molson's but I can't give them all the credit completely,there were other helpers too,However I must admit that Molson's Did Without a Doubt Help in Chasing Beaver at least it provided refreshment while in the chase