Thursday, June 2, 2011

Congratulations Doctor William Shatner

William Shatner receives an Honorary Degree  from McGill


pauline garneau said...

Montreal continued its love affair with iconic actor William Shatner Thursday, as McGill University presented him with an honorary doctorate of letters as about 500 faculty of arts students attending spring convocation cheered wildly.
The Montreal-born actor – best known for his roles at Captain James T. Kirk, T.J. Hooker and attorney Denny Crane on Boston Legal – told the graduating students that he discovered drama after not making the freshman football team, although his father wasn’t too pleased about that choice.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, but quickly discovered his talent lay in making people laugh and entertaining them, not in accounting.
“The road of life isn’t linear,” he told the students. “It’s not Sherbrooke St. – it’s more like Côte des Neiges.”
He also advised students not to be afraid of taking chances or failing.
“Don’t be afraid of making an ass of yourself,” he said. “I do it all the time and look what I got.”

Les F said...

........and from what I understand he always recieved the 3rd degree from his high school teahers.


Les F said...

Here is another Dr. who was inspired by Star Trek to invent the cell phone:back in 1973,it would be another 10 yearsbefore the public was introduced to th cell phone...........( I had one of those brick phones,back in the mid 80's,we thought it was pretty cool-Yikes , hahahaha HF&RV)
Inspired By Star Trek, First Cell Phone Call Made On This Day in 1973
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It was on this date in 1973 that Dr. Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call on the streets of New York City.

Dr. Martin Cooper - inventor of the cell phone
Dr. Cooper has stated that his inspiration for the cellular telephone came from watching Captain Kirk on Star Trek talking into his communicator without being tethered by a wire.

That fateful phone call by Dr. Cooper, employed at the time by Motorola, was made to the head of research at Bell Labs, Dr. Joel S. Engel. After finishing his phone call, Cooper handed the Dyna-Tac cell phone to reporters and allowed them to make calls of their own in order to demonstrate that the new technology would integrate with the existing telephone system.

The cellular phone that Martin Cooper used in 1973 weighed 2.2lbs and had a battery life of 20 minutes. Dr. Cooper has stated that the short battery life wasn’t really a problem because the phone was too heavy to hold next to your ear comfortably for that long anyway.

By the time the phone was available to the public in 1983, Motorola had reduced its weight by half. The first phone available to the public retailed for $3500 – $4000 each.

So, the next time you have an uncontrollable urge to flip open your cell phone and yell, “Scotty, get me out of here,” take comfort in the fact that that’s exactly what the inventor was thinking also.

Les F said...

you what's strange,doesn't this Dr,Martin Cooper look a lot like the 'My Favourite Martian' actor.? maybe not but he reminds me of him.

pauline garneau said...

Yep they have the same eye brows

pauline garneau said...

Dr. Martin Cooper’s antenna is on the phone and my favorite Martian antennas come out of his head.

Les F said...

they look close enough to be related.....