Thursday, May 19, 2011

Verdun Volunteers are Rewarded

Look what the City of Verdun does to thank their volunteers (Bénévoles) that have devoted their time during the past year, they rent a hall at the Nun's Island Cultural Center and a brunch and wine is served, all you can eat and drink (Verdunites do not overindulge). Top notch artists are hired to entertain the volunteers, in this case it was Gino Quilico, an opera and versatile singer, his daugher and a top notch pianist. As an example, Gino sang Figaro, Autumn Leaves and Unforgetable with his daughter.

As you can see from the photos, there where hundreds of people, from hockey to our own association (SHGV) that where present. We parked next to the Auditorium and where bussed to Nun's Island.

Also present where the mayor and city councilors who made each a short speech and each association received a trophy. The white bearded man is our president (Gilles Lepage).

It was a very pleasant day




Les F said...

Looks like a good turnout, nice to be recognised for their efforts,.... ~~~~ HF&RV ~~~~

john allison said...

What a great way to recognize the volunteers. Recognition for good deeds never hurts....