Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Incredible Photos of That Little Blue Planet 3rd From the Sun

A while back we posted a photo of Montreal taken from the ISS passing overhead,it was a great shot showing all of Montreal & surrounding area lit up at night.Well just a few hours ago I recv'd an email containing a whole whack of incredible shots taken from the same International Space Station (ISS).....Have a look for yourself,& try & remember back in the late 50's (some of us were little kids) we were amazed with airplanes (then seeing a real Jet was wild stuff) we would look up from our schoolyards or wherever & recognize those Passenger Jet Airliners.....then the first space shots ,then the Gemini, then Apollo........then on July 20th ,1969 Man Walks on the Moon......well think about all the stuff we have nowadyas that came from these special projects,just being able to converse constantly ,or cook their food, or just 'get there AND Back'  All those feets spawned our cell phones of today, our microwaves,our computers.that we use on a daily basis (& take for granted I might add).
Well just imagine what other incredible things we may see ourselves in our lifetimes that they are experimenting with daily on spaceships like the's wild stuff.
But checkout how cool it must be to look out the window of your office (as it were) from space.........Wow..anyway enough of the longwinded's the pics.-lol







....and here is the guy that took the pictures: Astronaut Douglas Wheelock


Les F said...

Here are the photos in a slide show ,be sure to use the Full Screen ( & speed etc etc )
Btw: I don't think Winston would mind me saying that he sent me these cool pics,so Thanks Winston...appreciate the idea ( I love stealing ideas)...hahahah seriously Merci from Verdun Connections

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pics are obviously Out of This World.........HF&RV

Les F said...

Ok here is the link to the photo from space of montreal posted in early January of this year 2011,photo's were roughly over Montreal around Christmas time (I think)......(sometimes)

Diane Roberts said...

Winston sent these to me a couple of weeks ago and they're absolutely amazing! Notice how Mystery Island looks sooo much like a cowboy hat and Uluru looks like an Aboriginal face. Okay, okay a bit of a stretch...but I can see it!...Diane