Monday, May 30, 2011

Buzz Beurling

I invite MVC members to visit the Messager site as there is an interesting article by Bob Dubois who interviewed Rick Beurling, Buzz's younger brother who gives us anecdotes on his famous brother. Rick mentions that they lived at 315 Rielle street wich is no longer there.

Rick divulges a lot of new anecdotes wich makes the article that much more interesting.

The Verdun Messager site is at:



Les F said...

the above post is the article that appears in the Messager ,Good article Thanks Guy.....HF&RV

pauline garneau said...

Thanks Guy for the very interesting article from the Verdun Messager .......Pauline

thomas goray said...

Dear Sir, I enjoyed your article on Buzz Beurling, my favorite pilot of the second world war. I painted a portrait of George and his wingman Bob Middlemiss, in England, about 1943. I would like to give this painting to Rick, or possibly donate it to the City of Verdun. Please contact me at

Guy Billard said...

I guess your first choice would be to give your painting to Buzz Beurling's brother Rick but you will have to find his address, As far as the City of Verdun is concerned, I have some contacts there to wich I could transmit your offer but I will wait for your instructions before proceeding.