Monday, April 25, 2011

(ZENN) Zero Emmision No Noise----Well What Happened To Them ?

Zenn Zutomobiles made in Canada headquarters in Toronto ,were building ,(maybe they still are )  Little electric cars ,which would be great commuter type vehicles which use No Fuel.straight electric power only.....How Come We Can't Have them here ? Apparently they are legal here in BC ,but why not the rest of Canada ?















"So Where Is It" ????????                                  Cheers !! HF&RV


Les F said...

Watch this old video by Rick Mercer :

The CEO just stepped aside a few weeks ago, but he's still with the company....but where the hell is this car,I haven't seen one here yet ? Cheers !! HF&RV

john allison said...

Well I will tell you one reason that the government does not like electric cars... They do not collect any gasoline taxes. Revenue goes down and those b%&#$adrs get a lot less money to spend!!!! SOOOOOOO they have to raise taxes to compensate for that.... Of course you can probably guess what they will do to make up for that, and will probably institute a vehicle roads use tax...What do you think???

Les F said...

Legalization in CanadaAlthough the company is headquartered in Toronto, and the car is manufactured in Saint-Jérôme, north of Montreal, the vehicle was first introduced in the United States. Federal regulations set up by Transport Canada to approve low speed vehicles (LSVs) for public road use excluded the ZENN and other NEVs from Canadian roads. ZENN's battle with Transport Canada over LSV regulations has been periodically mentioned in Canadian news.[7]

The ZENN car met all the regulatory requirements in the United States; the same regulations adopted by Transport Canada in 2000. It took 2 years of political red tape before ZENN received its National Safety Mark from the Canadian Ministry of Transport. The safety mark was granted after a report by the CBC[8] caused public outcry against the government's lack of interest in environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles.

Since August 16, 2000, British Columbia has allowed LSVs on its roads, but this exception to the federal law was designed mainly for large slow-moving farm equipment. Although the ZENN was technically legal in British Columbia, the cars would have needed to be equipped with warning signs and yellow flashing lights to distinguish themselves as slow-moving. ZENN Motor Company did not see these conditions as viable to establish a retailer market. After ZENN received its National Safety Mark, the province of British Columbia vowed to improve their support for electric vehicles, and granted the right to each municipality to make LSVs legal on their roads. As of November 2008, the city of Vancouver and the township of Oak Bay, a suburb near Victoria are the only municipalities to grant LSV use.

In Ontario, LSVs can be used on roadways within provincial or municipal parks and conservation areas (when driven by an authorized park employee) or on private property. A grey area is also using a slow moving vehicle sign on the back of a LSV and if approached by a police officer, to say that it is for farm use.

On June 17, 2008, Quebec announced a pilot project for the ZENN, which would allow residents of Quebec to drive a ZENN in Canada.[9] On October 4, 2008, ZENN Motor Company opened up a retailer out of its production plant in Saint-Jérôme with a factory direct approach to sales. This marked the first time a ZENN or any other low-speed commercial vehicle could be sold in Canada

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