Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faittes Votre Priere or You Paid Your Money Now You Takes Your Chances lol

             Now were into Scare Tactics(albeit tongue in cheek),whether it be Turcot,Ville Marie,Elevated Metropilitain,or our most recent favourite target Champlain Bridge:.................you are now being urged to 'say a prayer' as you cross the Champlain Bridge......Wow ,the bridge may very well be in old shape ,as are the other major arteries made of concrete,but Really have they not been maintained 'At All' then that would put evry governtment party that has ruled Montreal over the years liable ............I wonder how much of the Scare Tactics are really that.......a Scam to elicit major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Do-Re-Mi,from all the Gov't powers (that's Code for MILK the TAXPAYERS)  I would wonder who really paid for this sign & who do they really represent ?????  Construction Company's & close friends of the present day Gov't.afterall they have been known to be the Most Corrupt Bunch for Decades in Quebec ( and plenty of other places) ...that's the way the game is played,If you can't get the fund easily through your friends because no one belives you,..then scare te shit out of the people & Voila You Will Magically Find the Funds........especially convienent during a Federal Election,so we can lay the Blame Game ....................You gotta love thievery played out at it;s finest by the politicians of every era.............Remember the Big OWE.........just got paid off after more than 35 years...............hahahahaha

MONTREAL – A freshly installed billboard is catching the eye of southbound motorists heading for the rapidly deteriorating Champlain Bridge.

“Say your prayer,” the French-language billboard instructs those about to embark on their potentially perilous passage over Canada’s busiest bridge.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal is bankrolling the ad, as it launches its annual fundraising drive.

It called the placement and timing of its message “just a little humour to catch people’s attention.”

The billboard comes into view as motorists approach the St. Lawrence River, to head to the South Shore.

It will be up for a week and bears the Archdiocese name and logo, including a small cross.

It has also been designed “to help them think of God, even if it’s just for a second,” added Lucie Martineau, communications director for the diocese.

Opened in 1962, the Champlain is crossed by 164,000 vehicles daily, as well as 40,000 bus passengers.

Engineering firm Delcan has given the bridge a disturbing and scary report card:

“The possibility (of) a partial or complete collapse of one span ... cannot be ruled out,” according to Delcan’s analysis:

“In its current condition, this bridge can be expected to collapse partially or altogether in a significant seismic event.”

Its unusual structure was never designed to handle road salt. Planners had counted on using coal ash to provide traction.

But, for years, road salt has been steadily eating away at the Champlain.

Full drainage was added only during the 1990s – after much damage was done.

At this stage, in fact, according to Delcan, “the deterioration of the bridge is progressing at an exponential rate and therefore the risks to the bridge” – and those using it – “are increasing as time passes by.”

Posters for the Archdiocese campaign went up around the city Monday.

Collections will take place in parishes May 1 through 15.

Martineau said the hope is that donations will match or exceed last year’s $1.6 million.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Sign+near+Champlain+Bridge+urges+drivers+prayer/4643199/story.html#ixzz1K2Oh139U


Les F said...

So for Our Verdun & Montreal members who may have to use the Champlain Bridge on occasion,.I dedicate this old version by Aretha Franklin of 'Say a Little Prayer'..........if you humm or sing it while crossing the bridge it will keep you safe,........sort of like a Motown Saint Christopher Medal.........lol

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cheers !! HF&RV

Les F said...

no $hit Sherlock ,....I've got news for you every city & all it's infrastructure,bridges buildings overpasses,etc etc may 'Collapse Either Partially or Altogether in a SIGNIFICANT SEISMIC EVENT.....................hahahahaha That's why they call them Significant Seismic Events,
Let's all pray,.............and send your money to the Westcoast where I would be happy to keep it until it's needed in the event of something significant (seismically speaking that is) Please send extremely large bills as my mail box is not that big .......if you don't hear from me ,please pray again ,as I live in an extremely Active Seismic Area,....and may not be able to get back to you quickly.......
I say I say ........the sky is falling ,the sky is falling.............. hahahah HF&RV

and here is the story of Chicken Little ....& the message:
It's the tale of Chicken Little, only with Foxy Loxy being a cunning villain who uses a number of psychological tactics to drive a farm-ful of animals into a cave to be eaten. Slightly disturbing and quite political - most youngsters will probably prefer Disney's new, computer-animated take on the story, now in theaters.

..Always remember folks you have to believe every self important official you hear.because it's easier that way.............. lol

Les F said...

Remember the last words "Don't Believe Everything You Read Brother"..............Cheers !! HF&RV