Sunday, April 17, 2011

Corner Gordon & Bannantyne

I am reposting these photos of the Corner of Gordon & Bannantyne as my first post earlier got buried.





Les F said...

Maggiemck has a few photos of the school in this album:

Cheers HF&RV

Les F said...

and this album is from Margo Allen who appropriatley entitled her album Margo's Memories, Margo was a contributor often, sadly she passed away a couple of years ago I think:

.This shot was originally shared with us by Margo:

R.I.P. Margo...........................hf&rv

Guy Billard said...

The photo of the Bannantyne school would be from the 20s or early 30s judging from the old model T Ford (Ithink) in front of the entrance on Bannantyne.

Les F said...

That is one of the features I wish Multiply would adopt. Where when you reply to any thread,that thread/topic shouyld pop back up to the top. They do it for the 'In Box' that's why we recieve all the new comments that are added,but the actual topic that is being commented on doesn't pop back up to the top on the frint page as it should (IMHO)
The most recent topic posted appears at the top of the message boards,& so consequently it cannot be 'buried' unless actual New Topics are posted.I have made the suggestion to Multiply developpers in the past,but it seems that much like MSN, no body gives a crap........hahahaha Unless of course it is to add Online Sellers or other Commercial Venues....but they do need money to support the site,so I suppose we should appreciate the Free site anyway........Cheers !! HF&RV

Bob Gaboury said...

Guy and any body else that contributed to these pictures. Thanks For the Memories. That little Depaneur store at the corner of Gordon, kitty corner from the Bannantyne school was owned and operated by my folks from the late 50's into the early 60's. It used to be called Mados and there was also a butcher shop there. Now it is one big depaneur. One year I visited Verdun and I was shocked to see the school gone and replaced with the current building that is there. Also the Y where I learned to swim and attended many Friday night dances. - Thanks again Guy - Gabby

Guy Billard said...

Here is a slideshow of photos of the Y MCA wich I accumulated over the years and wich is my album no. 21 on this site. I also was a regular customer of the "Y" in the 40s, using their swimming pool, pool table, weight lifting facilities and their outdoor parc facilities playing baseball in the sum,mer and skating rink in the winter. They also had a tennis court. My school, also on Bannantyne, Notre Dame du Cénacle was demolished and replaced by a residential building like the Bannantyne school.

Diane Roberts said...

Miss MacNaughton was one of my teachers and she was the best!...Diane

Les F said...

the 'InBox' indicated a new message here from Diane ,but I don't see the reply,?(insert Twilight Zone theme here).......hahahaha Cheers !! HF&RV