Friday, March 18, 2011

A -Montreal---I am sure you will Remember ! At the Very Least , I Hope You Remember

          I have a Photo Album full of photo's of all over Montreal ,from the 1970's and then all over the place in terms of years,but nevertheless you will most likely recognise alot of the building s & streets & places, Maybe it will spring your memory into action,....I hope so...........Montreal Remembered in Many Photographs,.......of course I am always trying to find a treasure chest of Verdun photos ( & I will ,if they are out there) but Montreal stuff is cool too........... ( JMHO)

        You will need a few minutes at least to sit back & see all these old pictures,take your time ,Stop the slideshow /or more accuratley Pause the slideshow at times & checkout the photo,......Use the Full Screen unless the resolution does not allow it ,as I saved these pictures in a large format , to start with.also you can control the speed of the video player,....and all that jazz.

   More Importantly 'Slow' the Slideshow Down to a Speed You Are Compfortable With:

 The Photo Album Will Appear in the First Comment / Reply Window....

 I hope it's a good trip back for all of you,... Cheers !! Have Fun and Remember Verdun


Les F said...

Ok Here are the pictures:

Robin Turner said...

Great pictures. There's even one of the building I lived in when I was born (Bleury & Sherbrooke). I was only there for about 3 years until we moved to Verdun.
Thanx for the great pics.