Tuesday, February 1, 2011

David Fannario


Here is a photo of David Fannario who is promoting his book "Sans Parachute" wich is a french translation of his 1972 book "Without a Parachute" with Pointe St Charles as a backdrop. It is on the "Messager" site at http://www.messagerverdun.com/

Whiel you are there, check ouit my articles in section: Society/Souvenir de Verdun.


His story is posted on the Messager site  


Virginia Wiper said...

Hi Guy, The spelling of the last name is Fennario. David is my brother.

Guy Billard said...

Sorry about that Virginia, it's a small world.

Les F said...

I was going to point that out,however how much better can it get than a member of the family.....Cheers !! ..... I was also looking through some of our old posts ,I know we've posted story's several times with te mention of your brother,but He also gets much mention on the point St Charles site too.. as Guy said 'small world'

Dolly ? said...

Hi Virginia. You might know my brother Raymond Filip as he is friends with David and they have worked together. Met your brother and his wife Liz a hundred years ago but don't think I ever met you. It was at his place on LaSalle Blvd I believe. Hope David's health has improved and wish him all the best.


Dolly ? said...

Hmmm...what happened to Virginia?

Bob Bisnett said...

I read Without a Parachute shortly after it came out. I loved it. I then loaned it to someone and ..... well you can guess the rest. Haven't seen it since. I'd love to re-read it, but it seems to be out of print. a French version coming out is a ray of hope.


Les F said...

Hi Bob ,try this link it's incredible to find any book you can think of .
This link is listed under the Links Section here, it has a really simple search tool,which will find the book you like & tell you where it is, & how much & how much to ship it. Give it a try, I have found some seemingly lost titles ,that I wanted to read again. Maybe you will be lucky enough to that book too. There list is updated constantly ,so if not there today maybe check in periodically.
Good Luck, Cheers !! HF&RV

Bob Bisnett said...

Hi Les

A little late with my reply. Thanks for the link. I wilol check it out.