Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here is soime additional information concerning my posting of the 29th wich reveals the buildings that exhisted in 1959, starting from the left on the map:

In Blue: Église Apostolique

YMCA building

Margarita School (Notice the connecting corridor between the school and the Y building)

Nun's residence

École Notre Dame Auxiliatrice (corner Champlain Blvd)

The map is quite a discovery wich comes from one of my contacts and the top photo is one of my recent photos showing the former school on the left and the former nun's building on the right. The Y was situated at the extreme left and no longer exhist today.

I have added my article on the 29th of november posting wich I invite you to read and wich will appear on the Verdun Messager and hopefully my english version will also appear in the english section.

I am dispointed of not having received any comments since the Y played an important part of the social events in Verdun during it's 65 years of exhistance from 1918 to app. 1985. There are prorbably not many members left from that era.


P.N. I took the photo a couple of weeks ago and the map is from Mario Parent.


Les F said...

Well otherthan having swam in the one on Gordon (when it was no longer a Y but a part of the French school ,which supported swimming lessons for many of Verdun kids ( at least in my time) ..and the only other Y I've ever been in was the one on Lasalle Blvd ,for dances.....I can't add much more to the history, Now whether the Douglas allowed use of it's swimming pool to the Y on Lasalle blvd next door to it, I really don't know about that.
I have eaten at the Y , but that's another story,generally well after Cheers HF&RV

Sue Van Duinen said...

Hi, Les,
I don't recall ever swimming at the Y but I do remember taking the bus to Hogan's Bath on Wellington.
Here's a pic.

Sue Van Duinen said...

Speaking of swimming...Did you ever hear of Verdun Beach?

Here is a link:

Les F said...

Hi Sue, yes I have seen this photo before,& posted it here on the site somewhere (but cannot recall the name of the tthread it was in. However I knew Guy would have saved it, & his site is well detailed as to what's in the photo albums etc etc . Here is a slide show of one of Guys photo albums,containg shots of Verdun's waterfront,with the picture of that beach as the 2nd to last one in the album.
As for Hogan's bath yes I remember it too...the swimming at the Y in Verdun was done at the old YMCA on Gordon Avenue......Thanks for the links Sue ,much appreciated input........ HF&RV\

You can use Full Screen and also control the speed of the slide show too......
PS: Thanks Guy for keeping detailed photo albums..Cheers !! HF&RV

Les F said...

Here is a very pld film showing some of the construction of a few of the Public Baths around Montreal circa 1933-ish,.......Also includes some footage of Hogan's Bath in the Point:

Andree Belec/Routledge said...

Went to school at Margarita, wow just found this site what a blast from the past!!!!
I remember having a bit part in a X-mas play at that Y, was mayble 10-12 years old, played a Nutcracker soldier. Thanks for the memories.

Guy Billard said...

Can you give us more anecdotes about your involment with the Margarita school and the old YMCA building including the magnificient swimming pool.