Monday, December 27, 2010

North East Digging Out From Blizzard

            Lot's of snow for the North East ,parts of the USA & Canada. Travel is affected,with main airports shut down for now NYC  JFK & LaGuardia & Newark will reopen today at 6pm EST.
LeGuardia tring to open at least one runway this afternoon.


Les F said...

Bloomberg address's the City ...........


Les F said...

Remember back in 1971 ? Montreal lent a lot of it's snow removal equipment to NYC , due to a heavy snowfall they were having & Montreal had less snow than expected up until then,so they shipped the equipment by rail to NYC, & then we got whacked with that huge Murphy's Law in effect
Storm drops record snowfall on Montreal
Last Updated: Saturday, December 17, 2005 | 12:59 AM ET
CBC News
A winter storm has dumped a record snowfall on Montreal, as it caused major disruptions in Eastern Ontario and parts of Quebec.
CBC Weather
The storm – which was the first major one of the season in many areas – dropped 17 centimetres in and around Montreal in one hour alone on Friday.

Light snow continued on into the night as the buildup passed 41 centimetres.

More than 40 cm of snow fell on Montreal on Friday, stranding vehicles throughout the city.

That's more snow than had fallen on the city on any previous Dec. 16 since record-keeping began in 1941.

And it was closing in on another record, for the most snowfall on any day. The record, set in a deadly storm in March 1971, was 43.2 centimetres as measured at what is now Trudeau International Airport.

The storm forced some people in Ottawa to abandon stranded buses and walk as much as five kilometres to the downtown core.

'I hope the tow truck gets here before spring'

Traffic was a mess and drivers faced near-whiteout conditions at times, as people on foot struggled through knee-high mounds of snow.

The city sent about 1,500 workers out to clear the streets.

"I hope the tow truck gets here before spring," one of the many bus drivers who had been stranded told CBC News.

Transport Quebec reported no major accidents, but said hundreds of cars needed to be towed.

"For the island of Montreal, all the highways were hard hit," said a spokesperson for the provincial department, Maria Soteriadis.

"And because of the wind, they also had visibility zero or almost zero in some places."

About 200 flights cancelled

About 200 flights at Trudeau International Airport were cancelled.

"If it's cancelled again, I'll cry," said Tia Luker, whose was trying to make her way to Calgary. "I haven't cried yet, but I just really want to get home."

Others were delighted with the storm's bounty.

"It's beautiful," said one woman, beaming. "The first real snow, the kids are home from school and we're making the most of it.

...........So Global Warming ,I think not ,it's just a Big Snowstorm,,,Remember back in '71 the buzz was we were entering a new ice age, we are 40 years later & we call it Global Warming,.but since that title doesn't make much sense ,we convienetly change the title to 'Climate Change' ...........How's this why don'e we just say, "it's the Weather' HF&RV