Sunday, December 5, 2010

Le Demon Blond Retires (Again) Seems like only Frank Sinatra & Cher have had more Retirement Farewells than Guy (with notable exception the Rolling Stones Final Tour,which hasn't really been determined yet)

We all recall the speedy winger flying down the boards with his hair looking like the delvery 'guy' from the florest shop.(remember him)....the Illustrious Guy Lafleur has now 'retired' from hockey for good................ seem to remember the rocking chair fairwell about 2 decades ago,but it seems Guy now even from the old timers league has retired.
                               "Cheers Guy" We loved watching ya ,all those years...........Salute BonHomme Merci Guy"


Les F said...

As Only Danny Gallivan could call the play Guy,scored to tie the game & send it to OT, where the Habs win & then go on to wim another Stanley Cup:

Guy Billard said...

Thanks for the excellant display of honors to Guy Lafleur. May I correct you, that should be BLOND wich is masculine while feminine. I know, french is a difficult language to learn.

Les F said...

Correction noted Guy-Thanks