Sunday, December 26, 2010

Garbage Bowl on for New Years Day

Montreal West's Garbage Bowl will be played on New Year's Day after all.

Last week, I blogged about the annual tradition, which dates back to 1950, and how it was threatened with extinction.

Today, organizer George Desypris emailed to let me know it's on.

Kick-off is at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 1, at Royal West Academy in Montreal West.

"The Garbage Bowl is the longest standing New Year's Football Bowl game globally," Desypris said. The reason: U.S. College Bowl games (the only other competitor) don't take place on New Year's Day if Jan. 1 falls on a Sunday.

"We felt compelled to do whatever we could to maintain the streak. At the same time we wanted to make the format appealing in a way that would attract local involvement.

"This is why we decided to go grass-roots and just play a game that is probably closer to the way it was played at the inception of the Garbage Bowl. We want to promote and encourage the local youth to get involved in this charity function. By keeping it non-contact for now we feel that the opportunity of instilling interest and securing a future is enhanced."

They'll play one-hand-touch, seven-players/side, 10-yards-for-first-down, three-down football.

Organizers have revived the original tradition of throwing the football into a garbage can for the extra point (that's where the name came from).

"Players include local folks along with some retirees that are coming out of retirement for this less grueling version and the chance to encourage local involvement," Desypris said. "The money goes to various local children's charities."

Last year, $700 was raised for the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre.

- Andy Riga

(Photo of 2010 game:


Les F said...

This has been played for decades,each year getting newer players ,I wonder if some of the origianl people woulld do a reunion Now that would be funny to watch,they collect money for charity,and just have some fun on New Years Day,........(Hmmm I suspect alcohol may be involved or was the night before-what say you?.......hahahah)
Here's some of the 2010 bowl (which almost didn't happen,)


Les F said...

I added a few real old photos of the Garbage Bowl, circa one photo the guy holding the football wearing a suit, sure looks a lot like Bob Geary,but in 1956 I would think Bob Geary would have looked a little younger, this guy looks like Bob did in the mid 60's.....Anyone out there know? Maybe CoachBim, ??

Les F said...

ps: you can click on each of the three oldtime photos for a larger version & more clarity. hf&rv