Monday, October 4, 2010

First Steps of the Automobile

Here is my translation of the text on the bottom of this april 1st 1899 La Patrie article:


"The automobile has made considerable progress in France in the last 2 years. The gasoline driven automobile has no more vibrations and do not make any noise. We do not believe that the electricity will replace the gasolline to power the motor in the near future: an automobile with a gasoline engine can travel a long distance, while an electic driven automobile can only travel 60 to 80 kilometers without recharging. A machine activated by a mineral fuel can travel 1000 kilometers. However, it is hoped that progress and development of electricity will permit the automobile owner an extraordinary performance. The automobile manufacturers have more orders than they can supply. According to the new regulations of the state council, the speed cannot surpass 16 kilometers per hour, The inspectors will have autotricycles."

It is interesting to note that the debate was already on concerning gasoline versus electricity and that the speed limit was 16 km per hour and motorcycles where called autotricycles in 1899. I have added the photo in my Album no. 33 with other antique cars.




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