Thursday, September 9, 2010

Point Saint Charles man stabbed in bar -------no one saw anything,of course

                            MONTREAL - A 26-year-old man was in critical condition in a hospital Thursday morning after he was stabbed inside the Griffin Pub in Point St. Charles.

Montreal police Constable Yannick Ouimet said witnesses saw the man enter the bar on Centre St. about 2:30 a.m. and they saw him leave but nobody saw him get stabbed.

“We have no suspects,” Ouimet said, adding that the incident was being considered an attempted murder.

Montreal police Constable Yannick Paradis said the victim was stabbed in the throat and that the weapon had not been found.

“The man was seen going toward the back of the establishment where the bathrooms are,” Paradis said. “When he came out he was visibly wounded in the upper body.”

The victim, who is known to police and has some type of criminal record – although Paradis could not provide details – stumbled out and collapsed on the sidewalk near Shearer St.


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Les F said...

I love this Montreal Gazette headline for this story:
"Witnesses at Griffin Pub didn't see him get stabbed: cops"

,Correct me if I'm wrong ,but isn't a (WITNESS) someone who DID see something.........hahahaha