Monday, August 2, 2010

Verdun too ? You bet your Sweet Bixi

          With all the great work done around the island of Montreal beautifying the waterfront with pathways etc etc , it's now getting the Bixi renta bike system too...Imagine jumping on a bike in Lasalle and cruising along the waterfront through Verdun all the way to the Old Port & more.....Sounds like a great idea.  Mr Bayard on Galt Avenue would be proud,(he was the fellow we all rented bikes from as kids......I wonder what ever happened to him & his little business.....Anyway if you like bikes ,rent one & take some pics along your travels & maybe share them with us here.

MONTREAL - Twenty Bixi bicycle stations are being opened in four Montreal boroughs on an experimental basis to determine whether they are as popular there as in the central city.

The first 10 sites were launched Monday in LaSalle and St. Laurent, with five stations in each borough, six bikes per station. In two weeks, another 10 stations will be operating in Verdun and Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

The new stations add 120 bikes to the fleet of about 5,000 now in the Bixi system. Situated near major bus and métro stations, officials will monitor whether the Bixi catches on for short jaunts.

The Bixi system now has about 28,000 members and officials consider it a great success in terms of rentals.


Sandra macDonald said...

I would love rent a bike when I come to Montreal. What a great idea!
How does it work? If you are a person with low energy and want to just go a few miles, can you return the bike to another Bixi station, or does it have to go back to the place you rented it from?

Les F said...

Drop it anywhere in town, We had an article on the whole deal posted a couple of times,but I'm not sure what I would have posted it as ?? -HF&RV-

Sandra macDonald said...

Great. thanks lesf.
It is definitely something I'll look into when I come out next summer.

Art Dawe said...

Saw these bikes at a "station" on Sherbrooke St., near Windsor St. last summer when I visited friends in the Montreal area. The bikes are well made and look pretty sporty. A great idea that should catch on well

Les F said...

On this site you can read more about BIXI & where it's set up around the city of montreal as well as the various spots around the world ,that this bike rental idea is in full swing or at least testing the loacl waters.......Check it Out ......HF&RV