Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traffic Woes will continue for L'Acadie (only when it rains,cause they can't figure it out) lol

          Well the engineering braintrust that is Montreal's roads design bunch ,can't figure out why it floods when it rains....Yikes & they admit this ...hahahaha despite spending $10 Million on the same spot just a few years ago. Psssssst here's a hint ,check the drains.....No Charge for that info.but the next time your spending $10 Million ,send me a enveloppe with some brownies in them please,afterall that's the way it's done isn't it.                      MONTREAL - If you're planning to use L'Acadie interchange while a heavy rain warning is in effect, the city of Montreal and Transport Quebec have a message for you: Be prepared to turn around.

The half-century-old interchange, rebuilt in 2004 for $110 million, has been the scene of at least five floodings in as many years. Its tendency to flood has led the two levels of government that administer its drainage system to occasionally suggest the other isn't pulling its weight when it comes keeping the overflow under control.

But now, after heavy rain last Friday forced the closure of two of the interchange's access lanes, Quebec and Montreal have decided to work together to survey the drainage systems on L'Acadie and its surrounding road network.

They've budgeted three months to complete the survey -which will see any findings come well after this year's flash-flood season.

In the meantime, however, the bureaucracies in charge of L'Acadie's highway lanes (Transport Quebec) and its service roads and access ramps (the city of Montreal) have decided to co-operate to make sure that if the flooding can't be stopped this summer, the odds on cars being trapped have to be reduced.

"The city and (Transport Quebec) are equipped ... to track the weather at all times," reads a communique sent this week to The Gazette by Montreal city hall. "When an unusual weather system reveals itself ... (Transport Quebec) and the city will pay particular attention to crucial sectors (of the road network) such as the L'Acadie interchange.

"From the moment flooding of the lanes is noticed, (Transport Quebec personnel) will initiate the shutdown of lanes ... (and) proceed to detour traffic."

The city sent the statement to The Gazette on Monday, in lieu of a requested interview with Richard Deschamps, Montreal executive committee member responsible for infrastructure. Earlier that day, 98.5 FM morning show host Paul Arcand gave Deschamps a rough ride, asking repeatedly why, after five years and a $110 million overhaul, L'Acadie's service roads continued to flood.

Transport Quebec spokesperson Real Gregoire acknowledged this week that the province had taken steps to reduce the threat of flooding on the lanes of the interchange itself. They included sealing the holes in manhole covers and installing traps on sewers to prevent overflow from seeping onto the road surface. But he stressed that whatever measures the province had taken on its own to make L'Acadie an all-weather thoroughfare, Quebec and Montreal were now working together to solve its problems.

"The dynamic is different now," he said, "It's not because we took those measures and the city didn't that the city should be perceived as having dragged its feet."

Meanwhile, the priority will be to ensure the safety of motorists using it during a heavy rainstorm.

"We'll shut down flooded lanes, wait until they drain, and then reopen them," Gregoire said. "We all know there's a problem on the L'Acadie, what we have to do is find that problem and ... find a solution."


Les F said...

Whoooppps , I said $10 Million,.it was $110 Million, Well there's your probllem right there,they probably thought there couldn't possibly ever be any flooding ,since they 'siphoned' off all the excess right from the start............ HF&RV
.and Really what do you expect, $110 Million doesn't go as far as it used to.But I'm sure for a 'little' more Do-Re-Mi ,they can install drainage this time--------------maybe !!

Les F said...

Restaurant firebombed for second time

The Gazette July 14, 2010

For the second time in three days, a Lebanese restaurant in Ahuntsic-Cartierville has been firebombed.

A man entered Ezo restaurant on de l’Acadie Blvd. last night at about 8:40 and threw a Molotov cocktail, according to Montreal police spokesperson Yanick Paradis.

There were about 10 people in the restaurant at the time, Paradis added.

After the man fled, the small fire was quickly put out by customers and employees. The attack caused minor damage to the restaurant and nobody was injured, police said.

Last Sunday at 4 a.m., a Molotov cocktail also was thrown at the restaurant. It was closed at the time and the bottle did not break the front glass.

Firefighters were called in to put out the small blaze.

Nobody has been arrested in the incidents.

Maybe they could use the water on L'Acadie to put out the Fires on L'Acadie restaurants.

john allison said...

Another KEYBEC government agency at work. Bless their little pea pickin' hearts. A million in this pocket, a million in another pocket....before you know it that soon adds say, I am guessing....$110,000,000.00. Nice work if you can get it. Time for a do over I would same....