Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steinbrenner checks out @ 80

           Owner of the winningest (championship wise) sports franchise in all sports...... Owner of those 'Dam Yankees' dies at 80 ......money can't buy everything I guess. Apparently as hard nosed as he came across,he donated quietly to various charity's and also could laugh at himself,as evidenced on SNL as a guest host.....

  Back in the 70's and early 80's there was an old saying that ,'There were 3 things in life you Never bet Against :                                            1: Muhammad Ali

                                                                             2: The Montreal Canadiens

                                                                             3:  and the New York Yankees

            .he croaked from a massive heart attack this morning:


New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died on Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack.

The Steinbrenner family confirmed his death in a statement issued by the Yankees. He was 80 years old.

Steinbrenner, one of the most colourful owners in professional sports, has owned the Major League Baseball franchise since 1973.

According to WABC, he was taken to St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, Fla, on Monday night, and died early Tuesday morning.

During his first 23 seasons of ownership, the Yankees went through 20 managers, including Steinbrenner's infamous love-hate relationship with Billy Martin, who resigned or was fired five times.

Steinbrenner's sons Hal and Hank took over the day-to-day operations of the Yankees in 2007. Under Steinbrenner's ownership, the Yankees have won 11 pennants and the World Series seven times.

Steinbrenner, who was born in Rocky River, Ohio, spent most of his later years at his home in Tampa.

He had been in ailing health in recent years, but the team and family kept him sheltered from the media. During his rare public appearances, he appeared to be confined to a wheelchair.

According to Forbes magazine, his net worth was more than $1 billion US.

................................................................see ya George...                  HF&RV


Les F said...

Here George has a laugh at his ongoing hiring & firing of Billy Martin in a beer commercial:

Les F said...

Considered Hard Nosed, but Hey it was his money, & I agree with him he should be able to do what he wants when he was footing the bill: I like his line in this clip, "Show Me a Good Loser & I'll Show you a Loser"......................hahahahahha