Monday, July 26, 2010


Ever wonder how people got around before the automobile was invented, that's right by stagecoach on the dirt roads all around the world. The top scene could very well have been on LaSalle boulevard, previously named at various times in the past:

Chemin LaSalle

 Lower Lachine Road

Côte à Penniston

Côte des Argoulets

Chemin de la Rivière St Pierre

Of course. LaSalle boulevard was an Indian trail prior to the arrival of the white man and even during the the beginning of colonisation. We where all fascinated by the Hollywood cowboy movies such as John Wayne on a stagecoach being attaked by a group of indians (Stagecoach 1939). There may even have been similar scenes acting out on LaSalle boulevard, perhaps not so dramatically, nevertheless, with a bit of imagination, we can imagine such a scenario.


Source: Histoire Québec, Volume 16, Number 1, 2010 (SHGV)


john allison said...

Thank you, Guy. Keep those cards and letters coming. Always good to see the things you post. They are very much appreciated.....

Les F said...

Seems Stagecoach movie was done a few times :

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;here's the 1939 version:

robert jomphe said...

The third image of the St-Jean station tha train would of travelled on the first Canadian railway to La Prairie. They then would of gotten on a ferry that would take them to "Tortue" wharf in Verdun. So there's your Verdun connection !