Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saint Catherine Street -------revisited

          For two days Montreal's Saint Catherine Street will be closed to vehicular traffic, & will become a Pedestrian Only walking outdoor mall with displays & I'm sure buskers too....What a great opportunity for Our Montreal area members to get out and about & be able to wander around taking in all the buildings & people ,without the worry of being hit by a speeding cab.bus copcar etc etc ......  Sounds like a good time to get out and Have Fun .........maybe some of you will be adventurous enough to take some photos of whatever catches your eye,....then share the pictures here, i know if I was there I'd be having aball taking pics & maybe haveing a cool one at an outdoor patio at some local Bistro..................   Hope some of you take it in. I am using (with her permission,one of Carole Spandau's steet paintings of Saint Catherine, who knows may Carole will be out there somewhere capturing another Montreal Moment too.


MONTREAL - Ste. Catherine St. will become a four-kilometre pedestrian mall from St. Marc St. to Papineau Ave. on Saturday and Sunday, the city of Montreal has announced.

Montrealers are invited to take a stroll down Ste. Catherine St. this weekend to appreciate, without the presence of cars, the varied architecture lining the street as well as the colourful neighbourhoods they pass through, Mayor Gérald Tremblay said Thursday in a news release.

The two-day pedestrian mall initiative will feature mural displays, in-line skating demonstrations, live music and dance shows, outdoor terraces and graffiti contests.

The project coincides with the annual downtown sidewalk sale between St. Marc and Bleury Sts.

..............I think Verdun usually closes down Wellington in some fashion as well,for street sales etc etc ................  Take some pics ,we'd love to see them   -HF&RV-

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Les F said...

Use the Montreal Webcam this weekend to see what's happening on SaintCatherine Street,so far people just milling around and some displays being set up.. use the full screen. -HF&RV-