Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Track in LaSalle


These photos are from Denis Gravel's book "Histoire du Village des Rapides" wich shows the race track that exhisted in LaSalle starting from WW2 and the outline was still visible in the 1958 aerial view in the center of the photo and was situated between the golf course and 9th avenue.  Another bit of history is that the The Bronx wich was originally named by New York buisinessmen was changed in 1984 to "Village des Rapides".




Les F said...

I lived in the Bronx & it's interesting to hear some history about it, However I resent the 'cleansing' renaming ,by the fools in power who chose to 'purify' Montreals' history by just changing the name to better fit the idiots in power at the time's 'want' to get rid of any English referance............. Just like the fools that be: want to refer to Point Saint Charles as 'Sud Ouest' like 'no-one ever lived there in the past......It's NOT "Village des Rapides".........it's the "Bronx"(although Village des Rapides sounds more fitting & the real name of the rapids was Lachine Rapids representing the fools at the time who thought they were near China ,once they got by these rapids.......Another example of whitewashing the true history of an area & filling it full of the BS that the present day powers that be, feel will earn them votes..........Perhaps the real name of the whole province should be renamed as NEW ENGLAND or (some native name,rather than the crap that's bantied about these days)..............Read History don't change it, & stop the nonsense of changing names ,because some don't like it. JMHO-HF&RV-

Ken Park said...

I remember going to the race track as a small boy. One of our friends father raced a motor cycle there. This would be around 1940 I think. Not too sure though. Ken

Les F said...

Here is a link to a Gazette article on the Season opener Race to be held at the Lasalle Race Track