Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LaSalle Hydroelectric Dam

I have found 2 more photos of the Hydroelectric Dam while doing research at our local Pierrefonds library wich I have added to my album no. 38 wich now totals 25 photos on the dam. The dam was completed in 1896 and discontinued operation in 1931. Us old timers remember playing in that area wich is now a bird sanctuary.


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Les F said...

Well the second photo is certainly the dam & we've seen this shot many times in the past, However the other photo is completely different from anything I've seen yet. I wonder why the photographer didn't try whatsoever to get the 'water' in the picture,as most people taking a photo of a dam or waterfall,might try to capture some water in the photo ?? In anycase this is a very interesting photo from a long time ago.......Thank You Guy for sharing theses old finds.......................HF&RV