Friday, July 9, 2010

.......Its " Raining Its " Pouring and the oldman is snoring

        I used to love trhese great Montreal Thunderstorms , with incredible burst of Thunder rolling across the sky, and the Lightning Bolts cracking through the air.....that was great stuff,.and the fresh smell after a rainfall,   also the rain bouncing 3 feet off the pavement,Remember you would see the black cloud coming for blocks & you would make a beeline to the nearest doorway or storefront,to take temporary cover as the rain poured down..... Well Montreal after baking in the extreme heat this past week or so ,with temps in the High 30's and the humidity making it feel like it was 40+ celsius,.a little relief has come to Montreal in the form of my favourite rain storms,.cooling off the city in one burst......Love that.

MONTREAL- A wall collapsed at a restaurant in the Plateau Friday after severe thunderstorms hit Montreal.

The wall collapsed at Il Pagliaccio around 1 p.m. Friday afternoon at 365 Laurier Ave. E.

Firefighters are on the scene and so far no injuries have been reported.

Environment Canada has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for Montreal and the surrounding area. The thunderstorm line is moving eastward at 35 km/h. The warning is in effect until 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

The storm comes after a four-day heat wave in Montreal. According to Environment Canada updated their weather warning, which initially said that temperatures would cool after the storm had passed, saying "a warm and very humid airmass will remain over these regions until this evening making conditions very uncomfortable."

The thunderstorms that have developed may become more severe Friday evening over the southern areas of the Quebec.

Montreal firefighters have been called back to their stations in preparation for possible floodings.

On July 14 1987, several parts of Montreal flooded when thunderstorms struck, also after several days of over 30°C temperatures.

                           ..Have Fun & Remember Verdun
            Living on the We_t coast I've seen my share of rainstorms & then some,but I still miss those sudden wild & furious Montreal Storms with Fork Lightning & Cracking Thunder that would rattle your insides.......................


Les F said...

...and those wet tank tops...............hahahahah those were nice too (in any weather actually) HF&RV

Brian Gearey said...

Ahhhhhhhh rain and women in wet clothes. Gotta love the rain

Les F said...

Updated: Fri Jul. 09 2010 3:07:10 PM

A thunderstorm that swept over the Montreal area Friday afternoon has caused widespread flooding.

L'Acadie circle has turned into a swimming pool, and there are reports of flooding on St. Laurent blvd., as well as many other streets in the city.

Weather stations in Dorval are reporting that 19mm of rain fell in one hour, while 23mm of rain fell in L'Assomption.

The strong winds are being blamed for a wall that collapsed on Laurier Ave., between Park and Hutchison.

All this as Environment Canada warns that a second band of heavy rain is expected to sweep over southern Quebec between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Friday.

A severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for much of the area, including Laval, Montreal, Vaudreuil, St. Hyacinthe, the Laurentians, the Lanaudiere, Mauricie, and La Tuque

Les F said...

the Montreal webcam service has added a Plateau Montreal cam,right now it doesn't look like it's raining at all 5:42 Montreal time right now
click on the photo and it will go full screen,.checkout the other optional cams available at the top right part of the screen, dowtown cam, old port cam etc etc etc ............................HF&RV

Brian Gearey said...

Great camera views merci monsieur Les

Les F said...

I knew it wouldn't be long until someone loaded up a video of yesterdays rainstorm in it is from around the Turcot Interchange etc etc.....

--Cheers ! HF&RV---
ps: the Heat is back for Montreal by Monday according to the forecast ( not that they are right all that often anyway,)

Les F said...

Well I have to say I'm impressed that a Montrealer describing the wind & rain,didn't use any 'descriptive adjectives' that flow so freely amongst Montrealers at HF&RV
'holy shmoly' is not one that would not pop to mind immediately........

Victor Coveduck said...

Great pictures, great video, great commentary! Adds life to the site. The cameraman would love it down here in Florida. Especially in August or Sept. during hurricane season. There would be 'expletives' on the sound track, as well as stronger wind and howling. It's always a wonder why some people still speed along through the intersections in a storm. They do it down here too! We've had several warm (90 degree) days lately, but tolerable with the dry air mass that has lingered.Sunny and warm, that's how summer is supposed to be, right. Our heavy rains and thunder with lightning have yet to start. (Unusual for July) There's still time to plan a trip to Florida, Central or South, East Coast and West (Gulf) coast.NO OIL on our beaches or on our shoreline down here, just up in the Northern Panhandle. BP says theyll stop the leaking oil by Tuesday. Let's hope. Have a great weekend y'all. Victah, VHS Class of '52