Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr Norman Bethune

Here are a couple of photos on Dr Norman Bethune wich I have added to my Album no. 49. The top one is a recent photo of a statue on the corner of Guy and De Maisonneuve and the second one is on the Mount Royal probably in the early 30s. As I have previously mentioned, Bethune had a connection with Verdun having kept a clinic in the 30s at the YMCA on Gordon. I have tried to find out exactly when Bethune actually held his clinic in Verdun by calling the YMCA head office in Montreal. They were supposed to get back to me but never did. I also went through all the Guardians from the 30s in our archives (SHGV) without success. However, there is no doubt that he did have his clinic in Verdun possibly in 1934 as confirmed by the NFB film wich is on their site. The exibition on Bethune at the Museum on Youville square is on till August.



Les F said...

Oh Yea ,,,,,,,,,,choose Full Screen ..only if you like . HF&RV

Les F said...

It certainly is an interesting film ...........if you like this type of History. Thanks Again Guy for reminding us of this history of Verdun/Montreal .................HF&RV

Les F said...

I now question if 'He' Dr Bethune had a clinic in Verdun Quebec or visited one , as the film points out that he did indeed participate in a walk in clinic (so to speak) at George Mooney's office,. Perhaps researching George Mooney's name may help ? Good Luck & we wait for your new findings....................................HF&RV