Friday, July 2, 2010

Deja-Vu, shades of 1970 ? I hope not.

           A small element of little gutless creeps ,are taking responsibiltiy for an explosion at a recruitment office in Three Rivers.....  I hope these little _ricks (remember the P is silent like in Psalm) .......get a beating they never forget if & when they are caught, What good does bombing a building do..? This is how it started way back when, the lunatic fringe make difficult for the rest of the public (who are generally good people,getting along well, without the irritation of these no-mind groups creating problems, Quebec would do well to round up these fools & take care of them quickly,before they escalate their shenanigans.

A little known group has claimed responsibility for the bombing that ripped through a Canadian Forces recruitment office in Trois-Rivieres, Que., early Friday, according to media reports.

Quebec provincial police said no one was injured since the building was closed when the blast occurred at 3 a.m.

Sgt. Eloise Cossette of the Surete du Quebec said the local police force received a phone call some 20 minutes before the explosion. "It was what we call a bomb threat," Cossette said.

A group calling itself "Resistance internationaliste" issued a statement Friday claiming responsibility for the attack.

Montreal newspaper La Presse reported Friday that it received an e-mail from the group noting it is opposed to Canada's military practices and wants to prevent a "further indoctrination."

The Surete du Quebec was not immediately available Friday to comment on the group's claim.

The police are investigating the incident with a team of bomb specialists and sniffing dogs.

A large security perimeter has been set up around the building, located in downtown Trois-Rivieres near a bus station and a hotel. So far, no one in the area has been evacuated.

The extent of the damage has not yet been assessed, but the building's windows and door were shattered.

A spokesman for the recruitment centre said the attack comes as a "shock".

Neighbours said they were woken up by a major explosion.

There are reports all federal buildings in the area have been put on high alert, but Sgt. Cossette said the SQ has not yet given such an order.

It is not yet known if the group is the same as the Initiative de resistance internationaliste that claimed responsibility in 2006 for bombing the car of a spokesman for Canada's petroleum industry and in 2004 for a failed attempt to topple a Hydro-Quebec transmission tower carrying electricity to the United States.



Brian Gearey said...

What they need is a little Verdun justice.Taken to the back alley and pounded on until they saw the light or the errors of their ways

john allison said...

Like rats hiding in the night, scurrying around like the vermin they are....

Victor Coveduck said...

Home grown terrorists!!!!! The RCMP needs to intervene , Supervise the investigation.and form a coalition of the law enforcement agencies in the area. The return of the HANGMAN and PUBLIC HANGING is what they deserve. Some swift justice is required! sez Victah

Les F said...


john allison said...

amen to that!!!!