Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well at least Norway has guts-------& (BRAINS)

 Well at least Norway has the guts to tell the Big Oil Co. that they are not going to be drilling for a while,

BP (& it's Haliburton , Tras Ocean ) friends seem to be dictating to the US coast guard what is going on,they are policing themselves, and this is only beginning, the Gulf of Mexico maybe screwed for quite a while. Afterall BP has lied from day 1 , as to the extent of the 'leak' and are trying to keep all prying eyes (read Public ) away from the beaches so as not to take photos..

This is Bad Stuff People, watch for more lies from BP on your nightly News,..they should be Jailed & made to pay with the full extent of all laws on the books right now, even if they have to liquadate the assetts of the complete company.                            Norway has banned new deepwater oil drilling in the North Sea in a sign that panic over BP's Gulf of Mexico spill is spreading.

As the political fallout moved beyond America, U.S. President Barack Obama attacked BP chief executive Tony Hayward, saying he should have been sacked for tactless comments after the spill.

Britain ruled out a moratorium "for the moment" on deepwater exploration, but Norway, its North Sea neighbour, said it had sufficient concerns to halt all new drilling until a full inquiry is conducted into the cause of BP's leak.

Terje Riis-Johansen, Norway's oil minister, said: "What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is so unique, it's gone on for such a long time, the blowout is so big, we must gather enough information from it before we move on."

The move will pile pressure on the British Government to put the North Sea oil industry under more scrutiny. Charles Hendry, Britain's new energy minister, said he wanted deep drilling due to start off the Shetland Islands to go ahead, despite concerns about industry safety standards.

He said on Tuesday that it was sufficient to increase inspections of rigs and set up a new industry body to probe safety, as new deepwater exploration gets under way.

Shares tumbled across the oil and energy services sector, amid unconfirmed reports of another Gulf of Mexico leak at a rig operated by Diamond Offshore and a fresh onslaught on BP by Mr Obama.

He launched a personal attack on Mr Hayward, saying he should have been fired over ill-judged comments. The President, who has been criticized for failing to take control of the oil spill, added that he has spent so much time in the Gulf region he "knows whose ass to kick".

Speaking on the U.S. television show Today, he lashed out at Mr Hayward for saying he wanted his "life back". "He wouldn't be working for me after any of those statements," he said.

BP's share price fell a further 5pc, or 21.4, to 408.9p in London, meaning pounds 45bn has now been wiped off its market value. Having been Britain's biggest company, worth pounds 120bn, it is now threatening to fall into third place behind Vodafone - having already been overtaken by Royal Dutch Shell.

The accident has taken 213 points off the benchmark FTSE 100 share index.

Mr Hayward, who said this weekend that he had no intention of stepping down, will face the wrath of U.S. politicians when he testifies to an inquiry on June 17 - one of 28 separate congressional hearings on the spill.

There is growing frustration in the U.S. that BP has failed to plug its well 47 days after the Deepwater Horizon rig operated by Transocean exploded, killing 11 men. The spill has so far polluted hundreds of miles of coastline. BP said on Tuesday that it is now capturing almost 15,000 barrels a day out of an estimated 20,000 coming out of the ground.

But Mr Hayward's insistence that there is "no evidence" of any oil plumes beneath the ocean's surface was thrown into doubt when scientists confirmed the presence of "low concentrations of subsea oil".

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/spill+fears+North/3127902/story.html#ixzz0qJAyiWns


Les F said...

Why would the British Govt want to do anything ,the company at fault is BP British Petroleum,along with it's 'partners' you know those law abiding nice guys from Haliburton.............hahahahaha HF&RV

Les F said...

.....but look, How nicely 'contained' BP has it now, after 50 days or so........YIKES


Guy Billard said...

How come a back up valve was not installed in the first place. Seems to me it would have been a simple solution to install a wheel operated valve that could be turned off by a robot. Or is this solution too simple.

Les F said...

.....too simple, Norway would not allow this type of set up,without an emergency shutoff ,that is required in all of the rigs that operate in Norway's waters, the previous administration made allowances to the oil company's drilling in the Gulf that they didn't require the extra protection....Cost was estimated at an extra Half-Million Dollars per well,.................$ 500,000 bucks sounds cheap today doesn't it...Oh well Thank Uncle Dick & his old office partner W.....

Les F said...

How Many Oil Wells Are in the Gulf? 3,858!
By: Mary McCurnin Friday May 21, 2010 11:59 am Tweet Share22

Yes, you read that right. 3,858 oil wells are in the gulf.

Greed is one thing but the murder of an entire ecosystem is, simply put, stunningly ignorant and stupid. We are not the species we think we are.

We need to keep an eye on Chevron’s Tahiti, the deepest-producing offshore oil platform in the world. Chevron has plans to build six more rigs in the gulf this year.

A rig can operate many different wells.

Crude Awakening-An infographic to help you understand the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and the incredible costs that will affect us all.

"If you kill the shrimp, you kill the fish that feed off the shrimp,
and if you kill the fish then there is nothing left in the Gulf of Mexico.
That would absolutely be a disaster for years and years."-Dan Dix, fishing boat captain"

A ‘double-dip’ recession probably has been made more likely
by this tragedy."-David Kotok, chief investment officer, Cumberland Investors
.........................YIKES , 3858 separate rigs ,what is to stop an enemy of North America from sabotaging these rigs ? I should say an enemy we don't expect,BP & te other Big Oil company's are not exactly friends to any country they have been drilling in, we just usually don't give a crap until it's in our backyard..(so to speak)
ps: Exxon has yet to pay it's fine fromthe Exon Valdez spill, but in all fairness to them it's only been TWENTY-ONE years so far.......................hahahaha HF&RV
.............a personal msg. from Uncle Dick

Les F said...

The Safety Device they didn't have is called an Acoustic Switch:
Yes, that's correct...a device that costs one half million dollars may have prevented what is on track to become the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

The device is called an acoustic trigger (aka. acoustic switch, actuator). It is a remote-controlled device deployed off oil rigs that sends acoustic impulses through the water, triggering an underwater valve or explosives to shut down the well even if the rig is catastrophically damaged or abandoned.
....................................you can read the rest of the story if you liek at this link, or just look up 'Acoustic Switch & you will see how it works:

Guy Billard said...

I come back to my question below, coud'nt there have been a simple manually operated valve been installed that could have been shut off by a robot. Even if there are 3 or more automatic back up systems, a last ditch operation such as a manually operated valve could be installed.

Les F said...

.I come back to the safety valve Guy, it's called an Acoustic Switch which can be triggered automatically or manually from the platform itself, but the oil company's didn't want to pay for it,because the laws catered to them not having to use it.
Here is an excerpt from another site ,which has some very interesting step by step illustrations leading up to the catastrophy, He explains in a very level headed approach,
Halliburton has a habit of being involved in questionable events. A fact not lost in Washington.

And I wouldn't count on the "good intentions" of BP to step up to the plate and do the right thing. Exxon Mobile still has unfinished business in Alaska, more than 20 years after the Exxon Valdez!
This fellow was in the US miltary stationed on the Gulf Coast many years back.
ps: it doesn't get much simpler ,than an autmatic shutoff, don't fogret there was a huge explosion on the rig,and 11 mewn were killed & then the rig simply toppled & sank,....That's Why the Automatci Shutoff,would have been an obvious good idea,.However hindsight is 20/20 ,It should though Have been Mandatory...

Les F said...

Norway and Brazil demand these backups be installed. Ironically, BP uses the Acoustic Switch on all their wells off shore in the United Kingdom. Dick Cheney in 2003 exempted them on wells offshore in the USA. Deemed an unnecessary expense at $500K.

..this statement above is from that same website,.Funny BP uses the device anyway .
...every where else....... http://www.oil-electric.com/2010/05/tragedy-in-gulf.html

Les F said...

Ground work for Gulf disaster was established with a permissive tone with oil industry set in secret meetings in 2001. An acoustic switch to automatically shut down oil wells was reversed by Federal agency in 2003 may be a major factor in blowup.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – In secret meetings with the oil company officials in 2001, incoming Vice President Cheney set the foundation for a permissive, welcome mat with the oil industry. After stocking the Federal government’s Material Management Service with his cronies, this agency reversed an earlier 2000 decision requiring a mandatory accusatorial regulator, allowing BP and others not to install a $500,000 acoustic switch to automatically shut down oil gushers. For BP, this had to be a dumb business decision. BP’s $650 million dollar well may have been saved by a half million investment in an acoustic switch. For the country and those living and working in the Gulf region, the final tab may very well be in the billions.

Cheney’s Halliburton is connected to the April 20th explosion. The investigation of the cause of the blowup is not completed. As it turned out, Halliburton completed an operation to reinforce the drilling hole casing with concrete before the explosion. Halliburton is currently under investigation for a blowout in the Timor Sea caused by a faulty concrete casing.

The Material Management Service reported that 18 of 39 blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico were due to poor workmanship in injecting the cement around the well casing. Was Cheney’s Halliburton responsible for the April 20th blowout? Stay tuned. In the end, responsibility for the explosion and the extensive damages from it may well be decided by a jury.

Les F said...

Was Cheney’s Halliburton responsible for the April 20th blowout? Stay tuned. In the end, responsibility for the explosion and the extensive damages from it may well be decided by a jury.

this last couple of lines from the post above ,only serve to remind me ,that if it is decided by a jury,.....Keep in Mind who stacks the Courts with Judge Appointments,...and so far the determining factor seems to side with the fact that right now there are more appointend judges from the Republican side than the other............ If Judges can be bought,...don't hold your breath for a Jury that can't be bought.................don't believe me, ask OJ.......hahahaha HF&RV

Les F said...

SECOND OIL RIG LEAK: but don't worry it's only creating a 10 MILE LONG Oil Slik that can be seen from Space................hahahaha but Don't Worry it's 'minor' say the Good People from Taylor Energy, who Own the Rig named Saratoga,.and besides it's sort of been leaking for about 6 YEARS.

It turns out there is indeed leaking oil near the Ocean Saratoga but a relatively small amount. And has been leaking for six years. Nearby wells were damaged in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan and has been leaking about a half barrel a day, according to Taylor Energy Co.

read the rest of the story here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2010/06/new_gulf_oil_rig_leak_actually.html
--------Now I Wonder WHAT ELSE they Haven'y Bothered to Mention.?


Les F said...

but Seriously the Bright Side is this & it's Good News: There are this many Rigs Not Leaking

.....and we know that because they haven't mentioned to us ,that they are leaking.....
here's another map:

...................................and these are just the ones in the Gulf of Mexico (that they admit to) & they wouldn't lie to us......lol ---HF&RV--

Les F said...

Here is one idea, & BP has been asking for ideas, Well this one was invented over 20 years ago by a fellow named Willy Nelson (not the same one obviously) and BP won't talk to him....

Maybe it's so simple ,it couldn't hurt to try it............nothing else these high priced genius's are doing is working, so give others ashot.....or is it Big Oil is simply not interested in Cleaning Up anything,perhaps stall until one of their guys is ready to takeover public office again,just like the intentional stall tactics during the Iran deal 30 years ago to successfully oust Carter & make it look like the incoming guy was a hero....(when the real hero was the Canadian Embassy that snuck out the hostages)...hmmmmmmm I wonder , Oh BTW , BP is now recovering close to 28,000 barrels a day, That's funny they claimed for the longest time that they were only leaking maybe 1000 - 5000 barrels a day........I hope the public doesn't Forget what's really going on,........

Just an Opinion,...............HF&RV